4 Incredible Benefits of Window Replacement

It’s hard to find a home that doesn’t need some form of upgrade. For many people, windows should land at the top of the priority list. However, they’re often put aside for other necessary improvements. If you’re wondering why window replacement should be your next investment, the following benefits can help.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Over time, windows can be difficult to close properly. Older windows – especially single-pane windows – are already lacking a great deal in energy efficiency. When you add to that the decrease of function after years of use, you can easily be losing up to 70 percent of your heat or air through your windows alone.

As you can imagine, such loss does nothing positive for your energy bills. However, you can make a difference for years to come with new windows.

They’ll shut properly, ensuring fewer to no avenues for heat and air to escape. That’s not to mention features of modern windows, including increased insulation. All of this will keep outdoor heat and air outside, and your heat and air inside.

Additionally, modern double-pane and triple-pane windows are designed with gas between the panes. This gas helps control heat transfer and reduces the UV rays that enter the home. Due to this feature, you can keep your home at a more comfortable temperature without working your HVAC unit even harder. This, of course, further decreases your energy usage.

Improved Air Quality

Keeping cold air or heat out is an incredible benefit of new windows, but it’s certainly not the only one. They can also help keep pollutants and allergens out of the home. This improves the air quality and can benefit anyone who deals with chronic allergies, as well as anyone else that breathes in your home.

Noise Reduction

The insulation with new windows does more than prevent heat and air loss. It also helps keep the noise from outside down. Most people, especially those with close neighbors, are constantly hearing lawn mowers, construction, vehicles, and more that can be intrusive – especially if you need to sleep during the day or you work from home. Investing in new windows means investing in a quieter existence – something anyone can appreciate.

Extra Safety and Security

If you have a hard time opening your windows on a regular day, imagine what would happen if a fire broke out or someone broke in. How hard would it be for you and your family to escape through your windows? Having new windows increases the chances of you all reaching safety.

Additionally, you have to consider people who might try to break in. Experienced burglars know that older windows don’t have many security options. As long as they are not painted or nailed shut, they can be pretty easy to climb through. The last thing you want is to provide an easy entry.

Modern windows come with many great features, including enhanced security. By replacing old windows, you are locking up vulnerable entry points and keeping your family safer.

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