Bit of a Fixer Upper

Old houses are charming. There’s nothing quite like the character and mystique of having an old home, with its creaking floors and authentic detailing. Owning an old house can come with certain pitfalls, though, and if you’re looking at an old house, there are a few things that you should keep a close eye on. 


Old houses often have foundation damage, either from time or from root infiltration or even sometimes from earthquakes or other disasters. Remember to check if you need basement repairs, and make sure to assess how much those repairs will cost, both in time and money. Foundations can be easy to overlook. It’s not something you normally spend a lot of time paying attention to, but you really don’t want those charming creaking floorboards to collapse on you.


Watch out for sagging rooflines and loose roof tiles. Check inside the attic for signs of water infiltration and look for wet or damaged insulation. Roofs see some of the hardest wear in your home, and most subject to the rigors of time and age. They’re also arguably the most important part of your home, and absolutely deserve extra care and attention. 

Old Windows

You might not think that there’s much technology involved in windows. How much can the concept really be perfected? Windows are windows after all. The truth is that many updates have been made, not only in terms of insulation but also in durability. Windows can also be a danger point for water infiltration, so keep an eye out for signs of water damage around windows and windowsills.

An old house can truly be a blessing. As well as being better for the environment than a new-built home, they have more character and great potential to truly become a home for you and your family. Just make sure to look for these few common areas of concern.

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