Design a bedroom for your kid which grows with time – How to choose timeless things

It can’t be denied that kids are infamous for switching from one sort of taste to another. But there’s no fault in it as it is a part of growing up. But as long as decorating the rooms of kids are concerned, it is often tough for the parents to keep on updating the interior decoration as per the change in their kid’s preferences or as per their growing age. You may have bought a best kids bed but soon you may find your child outgrowing the bed and upgrading to a bigger one.

The secret lies in designing the room of a kid in such a manner that it can grow with him. But how do you do that and how do you make your kid settle down with that idea? If you’re unaware of the tricks, here are some that you may stick to.

The key is in buying timeless furniture

When you’re choosing things for your little bundle of joy, it is common that you might get carried away in purchasing nursery items which are picturesque and bright. But don’t you think that their cuteness outshines their longevity? As soon as your child starts growing, they will become juvenile and you will have to rush to the store again to upgrade the decor. Hence, to avoid this, you should watch out for furniture which you could keep for years. If you have enough space in your child’s room, invest in a double bed rather than buying a small bed for him.

Furniture that is multifunctional is often helpful

It is ideal to invest in double-duty things, particularly when you’re transitioning your room from a space which is perfect for an infant to one that’s ready for a child. You have to then think out of the box and invest in furniture that is multi-functional. How about a basic changing table which can be fitted with a changing mat and which can also have a dresser or desk? This way, you might use the changing table and your child can even have a homework desk ready when he starts going to school. Such in-built storage ideas will let the room look crisp and clean at the same time. You can have a huge supply of toys without any hesitation.

Pricy and costly design elements should be chosen neutral

In a home improvement project, there are certain areas which need to stand the test of time. For example, paint colors, pieces of furniture and floor coverings. Rather than trying to make a statement by choosing a pastel blue or a lime green for your baby’s room, you should choose a color which can stay for a longer time. The Barbie pink color might not seem to be perfect for your child when she reaches a certain age. Hence, it is better to be neutral.

Therefore, as long as buying furniture and designing a room of a kid is concerned, keep the above listed things in mind to make the room grow with the child.

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