Features of deep cleaning modern offices

From the point of view of cleaners, office cleaning is not the easiest thing to do. Especially when it comes to cleaning newfangled office representations, literally stuffed with expensive furniture, appliances and other attributes. Even local cleaning of office premises requires serious preparation and time investment from performers. If we talk about major cleaning, then the situation becomes more complicated by an order of magnitude.

Features of deep cleaning modern offices

But this is far from the limit. Some companies strive to equip their offices in an ultra-modern style (like Google). As a result, cleaning such offices turns into an extremely difficult task for most cleaners, and below we will tell you why this happens.

Rationale for the complexity of cleaning ultra-modern offices

For a clear understanding of the situation, it is enough to look at the design options for such offices. Take, for example, the aforementioned Google offices. They are anything but the classic four-walled concrete box. These spaces feature bold designs such as business meeting hive pods, pergolas in artificial tree trunks, and even armchairs by the fireplace. Look at the photos. They will speak better than words.

Other companies strive to create such beauty. They are gradually refurbishing offices with custom-designed furniture, colorful decorative objects, and other design touches. Some organizations even organize the construction of gyms and swimming pools in a limited area.

As a result, the premises look beautiful, but keeping them clean is quite difficult. This requires remarkable skill, accuracy and endurance. It is impossible to entrust the cleaning of offices of such a plan to just anyone. That is why property owners call the best specialists. For example, office cleaning is entrusted to employees of professional companies, and such a decision is fully justified.

Specifics of modern office cleaning

Restoring cleanliness in such premises involves a clear planning of actions and very careful handling of all elements of the interior. Each piece of furniture is quite expensive and requires a personal approach to its cleaning. And since the task of the cleaners is a complete cleaning of the office, the craftsmen pay attention to every detail, cleaning all available surfaces – ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors, cabinet and upholstered furniture, lighting elements and much more. Cleaners take into account the materials of manufacture of the processed products, carefully selecting detergents and cleaning agents in accordance with the standards. Professional office cleaning https://hardrockcleaning.com/chicago/commercial-cleaning/office/.

Specifics of modern office cleaning

In elite offices, cleaning is usually carried out outside working hours – so as not to disturb the employees of the customer company. The procedure for providing cleaning services is agreed individually. Service quality control is mandatory.

Elite Office Cleaning Equipment

Reputable customers usually expect first-class service. Therefore, office cleaning (at least by professional companies) is carried out using the most reliable imported equipment, ideally matched to specific needs. In the process of cleaning, silent vacuum cleaners and other equipment, as well as hypoallergenic consumables, are used. The use of specialized equipment allows you to process the most inaccessible places and remove any contamination.

Cleaning of offices with atypical objects (gaming rooms, yoga rooms, etc.) is carried out taking into account the characteristics of each room. After the cleaners, there are no wet slippery floors (even in pools), “accidentally” not wiped surfaces and other “nuances”. Computer, household and various office equipment is processed as accurately as possible. As well as other elements of the created environment. If necessary, non-standard approaches to solving problems are applied. In all situations, only professional cleaning equipment is used.

Recommended frequency of office cleaning

In most situations, a comprehensive deep cleaning https://hardrockcleaning.com/chicago/house-cleaning/deep/ is done once every 1-2 weeks (sometimes once a month). Daily cleaning – on weekdays (morning and / or evening). This is standard practice for modern offices.

To order office cleaning, it is enough to contact a professional cleaning company, leave a request, and then discuss the details and agree on the terms of further cooperation. In this case, high-quality service is guaranteed even for the most modern offices, and the reviews of satisfied customers are the best confirmation of this.

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