How AVA’s dishwashers give your family the safety they deserve

How AVA’s dishwashers give your family the safety they deserve – Cooking and food preparation must be done with the same care a mom does with her family, even when it’s difficult like a busy weekday or when you’re hosting a small party at your place. In instances like these, you may easily get overwhelmed especially when you have to put away the dishes simultaneously. An automatic dishwasher will keep things on your plate in tact while leaving them squeaky clean as well.

While the dishwasher is not a basic installment in the kitchen, it’s something to consider especially if there are toddlers and young teens in the household. Owning one means you have an insurance that you will not contract unwanted germs and viruses through your food. This small bump can create a big impact in your family’s overall health.

However, not all dishwashers are built the same. Ava’s dishwashers were engineered with your family’s safety in mind. Each variant offers a unique disinfection feature to suit your needs. Ava’s freestanding dishwasher maximizes your space and time while expanding any mineral build up an ordinary dishwasher might leave; Ava’s mini dishwasher has an extra drying feature ensuring there is no contamination and odor lingering in your kitchen; and if that isn’t enough, Ava’s compact countertop dishwasher has UV-C sterilization which acts as an extra shield against the microorganisms inhabiting in your dirty dishes. While ordinary ones can trap moisture and mildew, we have innovated our dishwashers to handle all the grime and tough grease left over from your food. 

Beyond washing the plates, all of our dishwashers are designed to be in harmony with your interiors. With a growing consciousness on home aesthetic, your kitchen can do away with the unattractive and old-fashioned appliances. Why go default when you can have a dishwasher with sleek and contemporary design?

With Ava’s dishwashers— be it the compact, countertop, or freestanding one—you can delegate the post-dinner clean-up to your Ava dishwasher in peace. 

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