How Technology Helps the New Home Sales Team

When it comes to home sales like New Home Sales Consulting, technology has a significant role to play. From Self-guided tours to VR and data management apps, these tools are helping agents sell new homes faster and more efficiently. AI can even help predict housing trends. But how does this technology enable the real estate industry?

Self-Guided tours

Self-guided tours for new homes are a game-changing innovation. They’re paving the way for home builders and real estate companies alike. The largest home builders are already offering self-tour options. In addition, several online real estate portals like Zillow have begun to provide the self-tour opportunity for their own homes.

Self-guided tours give homebuyers the freedom to explore the property at their own pace, allowing them to ask questions and speak candidly about the features and benefits of a new home. They also allow buyers to spend extra time in their favorite rooms and map out furniture placement. The process is easy and convenient for everyone involved. Self-guided home tours also save realtors time by reducing the number of calls to the office.

However, a self-guided tour may not be as beneficial as a guided tour. It might be more convenient for prospects to tour a property alone during business hours, but there are also risks. While competitors can benefit from the flexibility, they may not be as well-vetted as a live salesperson. Self-guided tours also may leave the prospect with unanswered questions.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology is a relatively recent development in the real estate industry, but it has already proven to be a big boost to some building firms. Construction workers use it to learn about hazardous conditions and real estate agents to sell luxury homes. However, it’s essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages before implementing VR technology in your business.

Virtual reality can help prospective buyers visualize their new homes before making an offer. It can also help custom builders show off their designs before breaking ground. But it comes with a price tag. It’s also time-consuming. But, it is a valuable tool for homebuyers.

When used correctly, virtual reality programs help new home buyers visualize the layout and design of their future homes. This can increase the number of offers on a new home. Furthermore, these programs can show mortgage calculations and neighborhood descriptions.

Data Management Apps

Whether you manage a large or small sales team, data management apps can help you manage customer data more efficiently. From managing leads to managing pipelines, these apps can help your team keep track of all your customers’ information. They also offer standard task management features, such as calendars and tasks, and can facilitate team collaboration with brainstorming, project planning, and tracking tools.

AI Predicts Housing Trends

AI has the potential to revolutionize the new home sales team by predicting housing trends based on the data it collects. This technology works by learning from past data to forecast trends and add extra details. Some companies are already using this technology to sell new homes. A recent example is Amherst Holdings. The company’s AI helps executives identify up to 30 properties a day. AI also helps them avoid bidding wars.

The AI that powers the company’s flagship product, CityBldr, uses the data from millions of photos to estimate home values. It also incorporates data like square footage and the number of bedrooms into its predictions. This new technology allows Zillow to be more precise in providing Zestimates.

The AI works by triangulating data associated with the homes and predicts which homes are more likely to sell in the next 12 months. As a result, it can identify homes more likely to sell and allows Compass’s sales agents to target their marketing more effectively. As a result, they have a 94% higher chance of winning a listing.

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