How To Maintain Your Furnace

Did you know that your furnace could be accounting for up to 45 percent of your energy bills? Your heating bills are the largest energy expense that your home has. Regular maintenance is essential to help ensure your furnace remains in good working order and helps keep your costs down. Additionally, you can use annual furnace cleaning Batavia IL services to help with the maintenance. 

Replace the Filter

The filter in a furnace helps purify the air before it is pulled into the machine and heated. If your filter is dirty, air cannot efficiently move through it, and your furnace will have to work much harder to pull air through to heat it. Over time, this could cause the motor to overheat and stop working. Look at your manufacturer’s recommendations for what kind of filter to buy and how often to change it. 

Reduce the Heating Load

If you have windows that let in cold air, they also allow the warm air to seep out. Add weather stripping to doors and windows that are leaking air and have the insulation in the attic evaluated. If it is missing in some spots or too worn down, replace it. Additionally, installing a programmable thermostat can help reduce your costs by controlling when the heater is turned up or down. If you have older windows but cannot replace them, cover them each winter with plastic to help prevent warm air loss. 

Clean the Vents and Ductwork

Your heating system must circulate air throughout your entire house for it to work efficiently. If you have closed or blocked vents, it can cause the furnace to work harder, which will reduce its efficiency over time. Move furniture that might be blocking vents, or buy covers that help direct the air out from under the furniture. 

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