Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Is your Air conditioner showing one or more of the following problems? Before you panic, call a professional ac repair and installation company, and they will send you a technician to sort it out.

The air conditioner hums but does not give cold air
Summer days can get very hot, and all you want is to get home and enjoy the cool breeze from your AC. When the AC gives out hot air instead of cold air, there is a problem with its condenser. Condensers are responsible for the cooling of the air; therefore, their coils should be clean and free of debris that may cause blockages.

Another common cause of AC malfunction is a failing metering device, which is responsible for blowing the cold air.

The condenser fails to work with its fan on
In the case of an internally broken circuit, the condenser may fail to work, even with its fan moving. The presence of foreign objects in the condenser unit can also lead to this problem.

Insufficient air being blown out of the conditioner
There are several causes for this problem, with the most common being a blocked duct, a leak of air in the duct, or dirty air filters. The blower is responsible for the amount of air blown out, so any problem with its motor can cause a reduction in air output.

Weird noises from the ac
Your conditioner should make a normally inaudible hum. Excessive noise means that a moving part of the ac is broken or clogged. The most common cause of this noise is problems with a blower motor. In case the blades are broken or have a foreign object, it results in noise.

Start and stop operation
When your conditioner starts then stops, it is an indication that the capacitors need to be checked. Due to the complexity of this problem, it is advisable to switch the machine down and seek professional assistance.

When a conditioner is unable to condense the air completely, it turns to water, which leaks out. Leaking is harmful to your conditioner and household since it can lead to short circuits and possible fires. Leaking can be caused by many reasons, such as damages to the drain pan, dirty condensation line, or dirty air filters.

Frozen air conditioner pipes
Freezing on air conditioner pipes does happen, regardless of the external temperature. Freezing is a sign of low levels of air going over the evaporator coil, or your conditioner has low refrigerant (either liquid or gas) levels.

Low airflow can be a result of clogged air filters and evaporator coils, a broken blower fan, clogged air ventilators, and damaged air ducts.

Low levels of refrigerant lead to a decrease in its temperature due to the lesser presser, leading to the freezing of the pipe. Low levels can be a result of a leak since the refrigerant runs in a closed duct.

To avoid further damage to the air conditioner, you are advised to seek professional help once you notice any of these signs. Give us a call and let us help you revive your air conditioner.

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