Tips for Protecting Your Air Conditioning System During Hurricane Season

If you live in the Coastal Bend of Texas, anticipating hurricanes becomes routine. You might have a checklist of tasks for preparing for the season that includes protecting your heating and air conditioning. Here’s a friendly reminder of things you can do to protect your air conditioning system.

Before the Storm Season

You can prepare outdoors by removing items such as lawn chairs, tables, and branches that risk being tossed by the winds and possibly hitting your air conditioner (AC). Experts say it is less likely that the AC unit will be uprooted, but it is a good idea to use hurricane straps to tie it down and make it more secure. 

Before the Forecasted Storm Hits Your Area

To keep the house cool as you wait things out, you can turn the AC temperature down several degrees before the storm is in your area.  Then as soon as the storm hits, you need to turn your AC off.  There’s no guarantee that the storm will not damage your AC system in some way, however, the consequences of leaving it on could be disastrous.  Constant power interruptions can wear out the compressor and internal parts.  Also, a lightning strike could burn the electronics in the unit.  You can eliminate this risk of extensive damage if you purchase an HVAC surge protector.

After the Storm Passes

Inspect your AC before you attempt to turn it back on again. Clear debris from the fan and vents and check for buzzing sounds and smoke. Due to the heat and heavy moisture, your HVAC system could be blowing mold particles into your home. Consider calling an industrial air conditioning service Corpus Christi to get a duct cleaning.

Protect a key component of your HVAC system during hurricane season by following the suggestions above. Your preparation might not only prevent major expenses, but it could also help to keep your family safe.  

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