3 Clever Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Custom cabinets give you the freedom to create the kitchen of your dreams. The flexible options allow you to choose every detail for your own perfect fit. While style is important and will likely take up the majority of your planning time, you also want to keep function in mind. Give some thought about how you use your kitchen and the quantity and type of items you need to keep there. Those beautiful kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee WI you’re dreaming about can also include clever storage solutions.

1. Vertical Open Shelves

Horizontal open shelves are popular for their ease of use and affordability. However, there’s another option that’s worth considering as well. Add a tall vertical open shelf with slots to solve the problem of storing bulky cookie sheets, cutting boards and large platters.

2. Pull-Out Drawers

Deep pull-out drawers are an excellent idea for some or all of your lower cabinets. They blend in seamlessly with the look of upper cabinets and offer easy access to larger items. A pots-and-pans drawer eliminates the stress of having to remove several cooking pots from a cabinet to reach one in the back. Plastic or glass storage containers stack neatly in a drawer with their lids, eliminating an often time-consuming search in a cupboard. Another popular kitchen feature is to hide trash and recycle bins in one large pull-out drawer. 

3. Small Appliance Cabinet

No need to clutter your counters with small appliances. Create a cabinet space on or above your counter to keep your mixer, blender, toaster and coffee maker hidden but easily accessible. For a unique look, choose a door that rolls up like a garage door or opens straight out on hinges.

Consider adding one or more of these clever custom cabinets to your dream kitchen plan. They help eliminate kitchen clutter and give bulkier items a place built just for them. 

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