Kitchen Design – Creating a Space That’s Both Functional and Comfortable

Kitchen design helps you craft an efficient yet pleasant space, tailored specifically to the needs of both you and your family. It involves selecting an optimal layout to meet these objectives.

Tall curvy cabinets add an attractive, feminine aesthetic to a kitchen space, softening its blocky aesthetic with their curvier shapes.

Ergonomics, or the study of human comfort and efficiency, informs kitchen design. Work triangle principles help maximize functionality by shortening distances between cooking, cleaning and refrigeration activities.

L-Shape with Island

L-shaped kitchens with an island are an excellent solution for homeowners with larger kitchens who wish to increase their seating and dining area. Their layout provides for a dedicated prep area while still allowing centralized space for cooking and hosting guests.

Kitchen designers often utilize this configuration when creating custom cabinets for clients as it is highly functional and easily fits within the existing space. Furthermore, this arrangement works well when delineating between living areas and kitchen spaces in open floor plans.

For maximum flexibility in kitchen layout design, a broken L may be placed around an entrance or exit way without interrupting the work triangle. Furthermore, this layout works particularly well in narrow kitchens as it creates distinct working zones and improves storage and prep possibilities. To add visual intrigue and zone the working areas effectively in this design consider mixing countertop materials in each broken L to further define working zones and add visual interest; here a black and white countertop on an island is highlighted by a metal pendulum lamp while five off-white barstools rest comfortably on warm wood flooring – see images 1 and 2.


One-wall kitchens are an excellent solution for homes with limited space, while still providing a stylish layout. By leaving enough distance between cooking areas to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth movement and using lighter colors that visually expand the room, this layout can create an inviting place where residents can cook comfortably while spending quality time.

High-quality materials throughout a one-wall kitchen design can elevate its aesthetic and make it feel more luxurious to use, including countertops, flooring and cabinets. Spending more on premium materials will pay dividends in terms of increased durability and longevity in the long run.

As a standalone kitchen, a one-wall layout can benefit from furniture solutions that help separate it from its surrounding lounge area in an open plan home. From statement backsplashes and clever shelving units, to stylish accessories that add character, these design details can help define and differentiate it from its surroundings.


Long and narrow galley kitchens often feature parallel runs of cabinets arranged along a corridor-like space, creating an efficient work area. Although this setup may feel restrictive in smaller kitchens, some creative design solutions may help open up this tight corridor space and make the room appear larger.

Limit wall-to-wall cabinetry to one side of a run and incorporate an eat-in bar or table on the opposite wall to keep clutter at bay and keep the “work triangle” functional. This simple solution keeps countertops free from clutter while maintaining functionality of work triangle.

Keep countertops, cabinets and flooring neutral in color to allow light to bounce around the space easily. Whites and vibrant pastels work best, though you could also try pale gray or green hues that won’t absorb natural light as much. Avoid dark hues which tend to absorb and muffle natural lighting sources.


An ideal kitchen layout for smaller homes and cozy apartments alike, the peninsula kitchen design can create work areas without taking up unnecessary space. It’s no secret why so many prefer peninsula kitchen designs!

Kitchen peninsulas make the perfect breakfast nook or seating area, and this modern medium gray peninsula in this home features an elegant waterfall countertop that leads smoothly down into its lower cabinetry. Plus, with white full-height cabinets keeping things looking streamlined and fresh!

Kitchen peninsulas make adding utilities easier. As they’re attached to one wall on either end, extending gas, electricity, and water lines becomes simpler than with an island. Plus, adding shelves above it lets you store cookbooks or tall items that would otherwise take up valuable countertop real estate – plus pendant lights make for an enhanced casual dining experience and help partition off an open floor plan!

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