How to Shop For a Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinets offer an attractive and efficient way to store toiletries, extra toilet roll and other clutter in a stylish manner. However, there are some factors to keep in mind when shopping for one.

There are various kinds of cabinets to choose from, including solid wood, particle board and MDF models. Furthermore, there are various finishes and colors to consider when shopping for cabinets.


Cabinet color sets the atmosphere in any room and is key in creating your desired overall style for a bathroom. No matter whether your preference lies with contemporary or organic aesthetics, there’s bound to be an option out there to suit you perfectly!

Warm shades such as reds and oranges create an intimate environment, while cool hues such as blues and greens promote calm. Pastel hues add feminine charm, while white cabinet paint provides an aesthetic that suits most design styles.

Neutral shades like light grays, buttery beiges and navy blue add an elegant, timeless sophistication. Or opt for dark hues like charcoal gray or matte black for dramatic impact that is sure to stand out. Additionally, these hues pair well with most fixture finishes ensuring that your bathroom cabinets will always match your other decor choices.


Bathroom cabinets provide an opportunity to express your individuality through colors, accents and styles that reflect your personal aesthetic. Choose floating cabinets if floor space is at a premium and elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics. Aside from adding flair and character, a cabinet also plays an integral part in keeping daily routines stress-free; showering and dressing become much simpler with an uncluttered environment.

Solid wood or plywood cabinets are typically the best material choice, as this sturdy material can withstand humidity in bathrooms and other climates. Other choices may include painted and stained options, louvered designs, beadboard and distressed finishes; metal cabinets offer another stylish alternative; their sleek aesthetic makes cleaning them easier than wood designs.


When searching for the ideal bathroom cabinet, it’s essential to carefully consider its construction materials. Solid wood offers luxurious aesthetics while remaining strong; however, its susceptibility to humidity damage could necessitate finding an alternative waterproof material.

Pluth is another fantastic option, being composed of multiple veneers bonded together into sheets bonded into sheets for strength. Plywood is less costly than solid wood while still remaining extremely strong; Moisture-Resistant Plywood (MR-MDF) may even help prevent mildew growth!

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is an engineered material composed of compressed wood fibers bound together by resin or wax adhesives, offering more cost-effective alternatives to solid wood. MDF may also be covered in veneer for an upscale appearance and painted as needed; additionally it’s moisture resistant and paintable but less durable than other options. Finding an MDF bathroom cabinet will create an organised space and make going to work and bed much more pleasurable!


Bathroom cabinets offer an easy way to increase storage while improving your bathroom decor. When selecting the style and material that best matches your tastes and space needs, ensure it will offer plenty of storage for toiletries, towels, cleaning products, personal belongings as well as reduce clutter by keeping objects out of sight.

Installing a cabinet can be accomplished as part of an enjoyable DIY weekend project. Mark the area where you wish to mount the cabinet and use a stud finder to locate any hidden studs in that spot. After cutting drywall and attaching horizontal and vertical blocking pieces for support of the cabinet frame, attach shelves, stock it, and then affix your finished cabinet frame back onto its anchors – you are finished!

Keep your bathroom cabinets looking their best by regularly using mild detergent or cleaner, adjusting door and shelf placement properly, and performing regular inspections for signs of water damage or other problems and taking immediate action against any such issues that arise.

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