3 Great Tips for Preparing for Your Home’s First Open House

Getting ready to sell your home? It’s no secret that your first open house is a great indicator of how well your home will do on the market. Reduce anxiety by following these three tips to prepare for your home’s first open house.

1. Improve Curb Appeal

Don’t forget that curb appeal helps sell homes. Luckily, there are a few quick updates you can make to your home’s exterior to boost curb appeal. Start by swapping out your house address numbers with a modern option. Clear all landscape debris, especially dead or sickly trees as homebuyers see this as a future project that they’d have to complete themselves. Finally, upgrade your outdoor lighting by installing new porch lighting fixtures if necessary and add solar-powered lanterns to your paths and walkways.

2. Make Minor Repairs

Those minor fixes around the house that you’ve been putting off may make the difference in the way buyers view your home. Switch out broken light bulbs, fix leaky faucets and toilets and patch any damage to walls. Buyers may not notice individual fixes, but the overall picture they’ll see is that your home has been meticulously maintained.

3. Clean the Interior

Homebuyers have high expectations when they come to an open house, and chief among those expectations is that the house should be clean. Take it easy on yourself and hire a professional service for one-time house cleaning Charlotte to give the entire interior a deep cleaning. A professional cleaner will know how to take care of grease and grime, even some of the stuff you might think a potential buyer wouldn’t notice. Savvy buyers inspect every surface so make sure that your home is sparkling clean.

When selling your home, your first open house is a big day. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure that your home is ready to make a winning first impression on all potential buyers who come through the door.

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