3 Simple Home Renovations That Benefit the Environment

Wondering how you can live a more sustainable lifestyle? It’s actually more cost-efficient than you may think to make some green improvements around the house. Here are three simple home renovations that are great for the environment.

1. Ditch the Lawn

You might be surprised to know that removing your grass and replacing it with a permanent option provides huge benefits for the environment. Swap out your natural grass for eco-friendly synthetic lawn products Thousand Oaks. Not only do you eliminate the amount of water wasted in taking care of the lawn, but you also reduce your carbon footprint significantly by eliminating your need to mow.

2. Add Insulation

Part of living comfortably includes making sure that the temperature inside your home is set to your liking; however, it can require a lot of energy to run your heating and cooling systems. Bulking up your insulation helps prevent heating and cooling loss. Add foam insulation to your attic spaces, behind your garage door and along your basement ceiling. This is a project that you can do yourself in a weekend, and it will allow you to better regulate the temperature of your home and reduce your overall energy consumption.

3. Update the Plumbing

Wasting water is bad for the environment and your wallet, too. An easy way to reduce your daily water waste is to switch out your current toilets for pressure-assist toilets, which require between 12 to 30 percent less water to run. In addition, install a low-flow showerhead. These showerheads have come a long way in recent years – many of them reduce water use without sacrificing any water pressure. Over time, you’ll enjoy a significant water savings, which further reduces your monthly bills.

Living sustainably doesn’t have to break the bank. By following these tips, you’ll improve your relationship with the environment in your everyday life at home.

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