An Introduction to Landscaping

By Peel Projects Landscaping Bristol

Landscaping is the planning, design and building of outdoor spaces. The word landscaping has become synonymous with large scale commercial projects, but landscaping can also be in a small residential courtyard garden with much less space.

The best gardens have often been carefully designed by a Garden Designer or contact Deltona landscaping experts. Garden Designers are specialists in garden and landscape design with formal training and experience.

If you don’t want the added expense of a Garden Designer become the designer yourself! It is important to really think about how you will use the space you wish to landscape.

Put time into looking at other landscaping projects.Pictures on sites like Pintrest and Instagram are great for influence. Make a list of all the ideas you like, make some sketches of your garden. Divide the areas according to the ideas E.g. Patio Area, Garden Area, Flower Beds and keep your pictures for reference when it comes to speaking to your landscaping company.

Planning to make your space beautiful and practical is easier than ever with the technology and online media we have today. Even if you are in a city like Bristol, landscaping a small courtyard with some thought and planning can achieve spectacular results and become like another room of your home to relax and entertaining.

The Experience

If you are planning a landscaping project at home, think of your garden as another room of your house. The experience starts in the room before the garden. How will you look out onto the garden? Large glass panels and bi-folding doors have become popular, or perhaps large patio doors. Consider how it will look from the inside looking out.

The next step is the journey from the house to the garden. Patios are often used as a way to move between the house and garden. Hard standing is useful for entertaining, working and is more accessible for anyone who is less able. Shelters like pergolas near the house make perfect areas to house garden furniture for entertaining and relaxing in a different environment. Think about the path from the house to the garden and have a clear route.

Once you are at the garden the sky is the limit! Landscaping encompasses paths, flower beds, vegetable patches, water features, outdoor buildings, lawns, gravel, rock or patio areas and lots more. It is important to think about the scale, geometry, path through, position of the sun, textures, materials and more.

Adding Value

Landscaping your driveway and garden is guaranteed to add value to your property. Depending on your location this could be from 5-15%, potentially more for cities like Bristol where space is a premium. Not only will landscaping a beautiful driveway and garden benefit you every day while you are at home, if you ever wish to sell up and move on it will add value and attract potential buyers.

The number of things a garden is used for has increased over the last decade. In modern times the garden has become an extension of the house and is increasingly used for both work and entertainment. It is important your garden works for your family and landscaping is the important way to get there.

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