4 Creative Ways To Use Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs have become popular in the past few years and the trend isn’t letting up. Edison bulbs are incandescent bulbs with filaments crafted to look like the very first lightbulbs invented by Thomas Edison. If you’d love this nostalgic look in your home, here are four creative ways to use the Edison bulb.

1. Bedside Lamp

Edison bulbs are meant to be dim so that you can enjoy the intricate filament’s design inside the bulb. This makes it the perfect type of light to use on your nightstand. The yellowish light is bright enough to read by but soft enough to soothe you to sleep.

2. Decorative Lighting

Because Edison bulb lighting Kansas City fixtures are so captivating, you’ll want to use these bulbs as a focal point. Edison bulbs aren’t meant to be hidden so put them on display in a beautiful pendant light over your kitchen island. They also look great hanging individually, especially if you stagger the size and height of the bulbs.

3. Desktop Piece

The vintage look of Edison lights makes them perfect for a desktop or home office. You can buy a free-standing base that holds one bulb for a minimalist look. Some fixtures showcase the bulb under a round or oval globe or an iron cage for a truly unique look.

4. Outdoor Sconces

Outdoor sconces are the perfect spot to show off Edison bulbs. Installed on either side of your front door, bases are available in wrought iron and other metals. If choosing sconces with a glass shade, make sure they’re wide enough to specifically accommodate Edison bulbs.

If you’ve been wanting to try Edison bulbs in your home, there are so many ways to use them. From decorative and desktop lighting to outside sconces, Edison bulbs are a fun way to light any space.

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