4 Green Upgrades for an Eco-Conscious Home

Today, reducing your carbon footprint and being environmentally-friendly is more important than ever and there are various upgrades that you can make at home in order to reduce your environmental impact. Today, we have a wide range of home technologies and tools designed to help you reduce energy, avoid single-use plastic, and more without making huge changes to your lifestyle. Here are some of the best eco-friendly upgrades for your home that are set to benefit both you and the planet.

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Install a Water Filter:

Drinking water is important for our health but drinking bottled water every time can have a devastating impact on the environment. Plastic does not break down for billions of years and the number of plastic bottles in landfills as a result of drinking water alone is astounding. Installing a water filter at home ensures that you get access to clean, filtered, and fresh water every time. No need to worry about the chemicals and nasty toxins in tap water since the filter will clean it thoroughly as it makes its way to your glass or reusable bottle, helping to keep you healthy and reduce your single-use plastic consumption considerably. Check out discountfilterstore.com for more information.

Water Flow Restrictors:

Saving water can also have a huge impact on the planet, and there are plenty of things that you can do at home to reduce the amount of wastewater you produce from regular activities such as taking a shower and flushing the toilet. Nobody likes the idea of not flushing the toilet after every use but thanks to flow limiting devices, you can go about your day as normal. When fitted to your toilet, these devices ensure that only the minimum amount of water needed to flush is used and they can start paying for themselves in just three weeks thanks to the amount of water you will save.

Solar Panels:

While they may be one of the more expensive upgrades to make to your home, over time they can be a very worthwhile investment. Having solar panels fitted to the roof of your home allows you to generate natural energy from the sun rather than using energy from the grid to power your home. And the best part is that the energy you generate is completely free of charge, allowing you to power your home for nothing or significantly reduce your energy bills by using solar panels and grid energy in combination.

Smart Thermostats and Controls:

Have you ever left the house for the day only to remember that you didn’t switch the heating off or the light is still on in one of the rooms? Leaving things on all day is something that most of us have done at some point and it can have a huge impact on our carbon footprints. Investing in a smart thermostat and other apps that you can use to control Wi-Fi-enabled electronics in your home is both convenient and eco-friendly. Never leave your home heating on all day long again; simply switch it off using your smartphone.

If you’re looking to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, the best place to start is with these greener home upgrades.

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