6 Tell-Tale Signs that You Need a New Roof

It can be hard to know if you need a new roof since most of us aren’t checking the roof on a regular basis. We tend to forget about maintaining the roof until problems arise. However, you want to invest in maintenance and early repairs because it saves you from expensive repairs down the line and even potential dangers. Here are six tell-tale signs you need a new roof

Loose Roof Tiles

This can be checked as part of your annual roof inspection. One or two loose roof tiles are not a problem. If there are several loose ones or missing tiles, there is a problem. A weak roof with many missing or damaged roof tiles could cave in. If the roof line is sagging, then the structural damage is definitely a threat to your safety. If there are tiles missing across the entire roof, the whole roof probably needs to be replaced.

If you simply see pieces of shingles falling into the gutter, the shingles are deteriorating and need to be replaced. When the granules from the shingles are coming off in large numbers, such as when it is bad enough to clog your gutters, this is a major warning sign. Curled and distorted tiles may require repair, as well, to minimise potential water damage.

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Light coming in through the roof is an obvious sign there are breaks in the roof membrane. You can see it if you turn off the lights in the upper story of the home and look up at the roof.

The best time to do this is around sunset. You’ll have a rather dark interior but there will be enough light outside to see any light coming in. Light could come in via cracks or holes in the roof, but every such gap requires repair. You may know where to look for light coming through based on the dark streaks in the attic likely caused by water damage. Note that gaps in the flashing require repair as well for the same reason.

Roof Sagging

Your roof should have a straight line along the ridge. If there is a sag or saddleback, this indicates structural damage at a minimum. If there are missing tiles and rotting members, your roof is in danger of collapsing. Any sagging in a flat roof is a major red flag.

Roof sagging could be due to moisture getting in beneath the roof tiles because of mould and moss, faulty roofing materials, or poor installation of even good roofing materials.


Keep an eye out for the warning signs that your roof has been damaged. You don’t want to regret ignoring the warning signs until there was no choice than paying for a new roof.

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