Comparing Steel and Wooden Fencing

You will benefit a lot if you opt to put up a fence around your property. It will not only provide you with the safety and security that the whole family needs, but you will also improve how your house looks with the fence. Imagine your neighbours passing by your home and admiring your fence and wishing they too had that kind of fence. You can use different materials for fences, such as metal, wood, brick or others. The first two are among the most favoured fencing materials. Here is a comparison to help you decide should you think of adding a fence to your own home.


Fences and gates take the brunt of the weather, whether it is the heat, hail, sleet, snow or rain. You want something that can withstand all these while maintaining its durability to last a long time. Harsh weather can take a toll on your fence and gate. Termites are one of the worst threats to wooden fencing. Powerful winds can also knock over your wall, making you spend more money on fixing or replacing it. With steel, harsh weather is no match. You can leave it braving strong winds and snow, and it will still be standing firm in the morning.


Wood will take the effects of everyday weather rather poorly. The effects will show on its surface as well as the insides. It will require regular maintenance if you want your fence to remain looking fresh and new. With steel, a new paint job every couple of years or so and periodic checking for rust are all you need.


Wooden fences are cheaper than their steel counterparts. The upfront cost that you have to pay is less, but add maintenance and repairs, and you will see that steel will allow you to save more money over time. Because it requires little to no maintenance, the upfront cost is all you have to spend on.

Safety and security

Wooden fences will weaken over time, and they will be easier to snap, thus failing to provide you with the safety and security that you need when inside your property. Your house will be an easy target for intruders. On the other hand, steel will keep the elements out of your property. Intruders will need to climb the spiky railings to gain access to the property, or they may have to cut the fence with industrial cutters if the fence is closed off.


Wood lends a homey and relaxed feel to the property, and it looks less intimidating to others. Steel has an elegance about it that exudes prominence and wealth. Whatever your taste for aesthetics is, you have the choice between the homey feel of wood or the sophistication of steel.

You can choose a variety of steel fences from sites like You can even customise the design to suit your preference. Likewise, with wood, you can ask the fence maker to make something that will reflect your character, and that will look good with your home’s exterior.

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