Common Pest That May Invade Your Home During Fall

With the fast-approaching fall season, food becomes scarce for pests, and the air becomes unbearably cold. Thus many pests will try to make their way to warmer places, usually people’s homes. Therefore it is important to know the common pests that may invade your home during fall so that you can be better prepared to repel them.

Rodent Infestation

Rats, mice, and other rodents will start looking for a warmer environment where they can easily access food in the fall. Rats can use their whiskers to detect where warm air is escaping from in your house. They will enter through whatever hole is letting out the air. Rats have strong jaws, which they can use to chew through weak links like wood in your house. Thus, they can gain access to your home.

To prevent rodent infestation, you should seal off all holes in your home. However, remember that rats can burrow through a hole as small as a pencil. Seal up all your food in glass containers and strong plastic. This can prevent rodents from getting at your food. If you are already sighting rodents, call a pest control company to help you deal with them.


Cockroaches can survive in extremelycold weather, but it doesn’t mean they prefer to. During fall, when the weather starts to become cold, cockroaches actively begin looking for warmer habitats. This warm habitat is usually your pitiful home. To cap it, cockroaches tend to carry nasty allergens and diseases that can infect a person.

Cockroaches love moist places, and anywhere they can find stagnant water. They are also attracted to food particles which they can live on.

Moreover, cockroaches lay eggs frequently, about 6-14 eggs at a time.  You can prevent or repel cockroaches by thoroughly cleaning your home and sweeping out all food crumbs. You should also regularly clean and dry any surface that is usually wet or moist.


Ants are hard workers that favor living in extended families, and this family can reach thousands. They have hierarchies where the soldiers go out to look for food for the whole colony. When fall approaches, food becomes scarce, so the soldiers will turn to warmer climates where they can get food.

To prevent ants from your home, taking precautionary steps like cleaning your entire house and sealing up cracks is very helpful. However, if the ants still invade your home, use toxic baits, desiccants, and others to kill the entire colony. If the pest problem persists, call a pest control company to help you handle them.

Cluster flies

Cluster flies are usually away from homes during the summer and in hot weather. However, they prefer to hibernate during the winter and usually find their way inside houses. They enter through cracks and look for shelter in the nooks and crannies of the house.

Cluster flies are attracted to sunlight, which is why they are usually clustered around the windows.


The fall and winter is the mating season for spiders. During this time when they are seeking mates, spiders usually end up in people’s houses. They start their invasion early September through October. But, the good news for those scared of spiders is that they are spotted less by the first week of October, so they will not stay long.

Many pest invasions can be prevented when you take appropriate measures to protect your home. This includes cleaning, sealing the cracks, storing your food securely, and sanitizing soft spaces.

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