Why You Should Invest in Antler Furniture

There are various reasons why investing in antler furniture is attractive. Some of these are its customizable pieces, Transnational approach, and investment opportunities.

Customizable elements

Aside from being a great way to spruce up your interior, you can choose to have antler furniture made for the real thing, like deer shed antlers. There are plenty of companies out there that specialize in this craft. You can get custom-cut pieces or trophy racks. It is conducive if you’re the kind who likes to raise money through fundraisers.

One of the more popular choices is the Crooked Creek Antler Art. The company has been around for nearly two decades and has the expertise to create various antler-based furnishings. Their products include a variety of antler art, trophies, and trophy racks.

Another good bet is the Woodland Creek Furniture Company. Not only does this firm create unique pieces using reclaimed organic materials, but they also create one-of-a-kind antler furniture. For instance, they create an antler console table featuring real Eurasian Fallow Deer antlers. Among their other items is a handcrafted antler chandelier, a perfect fit for any home.

Finally, there is the Terry Wilson Antler Designs. This company is based in North Carolina and specializes in creating handcrafted, custom-made pieces of antler furniture. Their elements often combine walnut and antlers to create a functional piece of art.

Transnational approach

Antler Capital is a global early-stage venture capital firm. The firm was founded by Magnus Grimeland, a former Navy SEAL who graduated from Harvard. In addition to operating in 25 cities across six continents, Antler is expanding its global presence.

Antler aims to build complementary co-founder teams. At the core of its business is its belief that people are the best innovators in the world. As an investor, Antler partners with outstanding founders worldwide to solve meaningful challenges. Over the past three years, Antler has invested in over 350 companies in over 30 industries. A majority of its investments include at least one female co-founder.

Antler’s portfolio includes Pathzero, Marco Financial, PowerX, Qashier, and HomeBase. With offices in New York, Singapore, London, Berlin, Seoul, Stockholm, Norway, Jakarta, Jakarta, Tokyo, and Vancouver, Antler has a global perspective and a broad set of resources available to support its investments. It also works with companies to identify potential international investors.

Antler has recruited new partner firms in Canada and Vietnam. And its first investment program in London. Since its founding, Antler has invested in more than 350 startups. The team has expanded significantly.

Antler also provides its portfolio companies access to its global network of expert advisors. These experts can advise on legal issues, business model validation, and top-level strategy.

Investment opportunities

Antler is an early-stage venture capital firm with offices in New York, London, Berlin, and Singapore. Its current portfolio of companies includes Marco Financial, Qashier, Reebelo, and Volopay. Aside from its impressive track record, the company also boasts a robust platform of resources. Among other things, Antler aims to support its investment candidates with introductions to global investors and hands-on assistance with new market entries.

Antler has many partners in various stages of their careers, including Managing Partner Stefan Jung, Co-Founder Martell Hardenberg, and Researcher at MIT Navi Singh. The company is open about adding to its ranks. For example, it recently recruited Teddy Himler, former CEO of SoftBank. On top of its existing staff, the company is actively seeking new partnerships in Canada and Vietnam.

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