4 Simple But Effective Ways To Upgrade The Look of Your Home

It’s important to look after your home. Maintaining it properly ensures it holds its value. You’ll also find it’s easier to stay friendly with your neighbours. But, perhaps most importantly, you’ll find it is cheaper in the long run.

If you neglect your home you’re likely to end up with a long list of issues that need to be done at the same time. Doing regular maintenance avoids this and keeps it affordable.

  1. A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Before you jump into painting your home it’s worth booking a NACE coating inspector visit. They will check the condition of your coatings and let you know if there are any quality issues.

This will allow you to rectify the problem before you start upgrading the appearance of your home.

You can then paint the existing walls or, if you prefer, clad your home to create a stylish look that is easy to maintain.

Choose the right cladding and it will last for years and only needs pressure washing once a year.

  • Doors & Windows

Once you’ve painted or clad your home you can step back and take a look at the doors and windows. They will probably look scruffy. But, that doesn’t mean they need replacing, although that is an option.

Simply clean all the windows, that means the glass and the surround. Then, if needed, you can add whitener to the window frames, (or the relevant colour), making them appear new even though they are not.

  • Tidy The Yard

It’s also a great idea to tidy your yard. The best way to start is to look at how each segment of your yard should be defined and then weed everywhere to help re-establish this definition. Remove the dead flowers and even consider adding wooden raised beds. They will make the space appear more attractive and transform the look of your yard.

Don’t forget to pay attention to any boundary hedges that need trimming or fences that need repairing.

  • The Driveway

If you have a driveway, you’ll want to take a moment to look at it properly. Because you use it all the time it’s easy not to notice the dips, broken areas, and other damage. If your driveway is starting to look scruffy you need to repair or replace it.

However, if it’s looking good you should consider coating it. You can add an epoxy or coloured concrete to help it stand out for all the right reasons. Of course, it will transform the house for you. 

If you don’t have a driveway then you should consider adding one, it’s convenient, practical, addsvalue to your property, and transforms its look.

The key to upgrading the look of your home is to look at what others have done in your neighbourhood. Then, take inspiration from them but adjust it to suit your property and your lifestyle. Before you know it your house will be the one that everyone else is trying to emulate.

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