Benefits Offered by Foam Installation

Your home was likely insulated using fiberglass, but it wasn’t air-sealed when constructed. Unfortunately, this means there are dozens of small holes, cracks, and gaps around electrical lines, plumbing, and outlets. In some cases, when combined, all these holes and gaps would be the size of an open door.  

This also means that heated and cooled air is constantly escaping. You can fix this issue by installing foam insulation in Pittsburgh PA. However, this type of insulation offers other benefits, as well.

Keep Pests Out

Like most people, you want to ensure pests remain where they belong – outside. There are no ingredients that appeal to animals or insects with foam insulation. Also, most critters won’t try to chew through it. Because of this, foam insulation creates an effective barrier to keep pests on the outside of your home.

Have a Smoke and Fire Barrier

While this isn’t true of all foams, there are some that are rated as a Class A fire-blocking foam. This means that the foam can work to help slow down the spread of flames from one area of the home to another. It does this by blocking the availability of oxygen. The gaps present around your outlets, electrical wires, and pipes let oxygen move from one room to another without any barrier. Since fire needs oxygen to spread, using fire-blocking foam can be extremely effective.

Reduce Humidity and the Growth of Mold

If moisture is present, mold may begin to form. If there are cracks and gaps around the house, humidity levels will stay high. This can cause condensation and frost in your windows. However, with foam insulation, humidity is reduced, which spurs mold growth.

As you can see, foam insulation offers more than a few benefits. Keep this in mind if your home is still insulated using fiberglass. 

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