Understanding Different Excavation Methods for Sewer Repair

Dealing with a sewer repair is never a desirable scenario but it is one that most homeowners will face, especially if they don’t maintain their sewer pipes. You may not realize it but you are responsible for the sewer line until it meets the main pipe, that’s usually under the road in front of your home.

The most common reason to repair a sewer line is after a blockage. There are several reasons why this can occur, such as tree roots destroying the pipe, old age, or simply the pressure of the clog.

The good news is there are several excavation methods to enable repairs. But, before you decide which is best, it’s advisable to invest in a sewer camera for sale and take a look, inside the pipe. It will help to know what you are dealing with as this will tell you the most viable solution.

Traditional Excavation

The traditional approach to sewer pipe problems is to simply dig it up. Of course, the sewer pipe can be several feet below the level of your yard. Digging a trench big enough to access the pipe means doing a lot of damage to your yard. You’ll have to put it all back to normal afterwards.

That’s one of the reasons this is the most time-consuming and generally the most expensive. But, it does give good access.

Interior Excavation

This type of excavation uses a jackhammer to get to the pipe. It’s generally used inside the home where concrete needs to be broken through. That’s not usually an issue outside, although it can be.

The key to this type of approach is to use the sewer camera to pinpoint the leak or break in the pipe. This will allow you to jackhammer straight to it, effectively making a hole that will give you access to the damaged piece of pipe.

It should be noted this is only cost-effective if there is just one leak or breakpoint. If there is more than one the traditional approach will be more cost-effective.

Pipe Lining

It is possible to pull a special liner inside your existing sewer pipe, effectively repairing the pipe without having to excavate at all. The liner will need to be inserted through a drain point and moved into position to patch the leak.

You will need a specialist to do this as they need specialized equipment. But, this approach is surprisingly quick and causes no damage to the landscape or flooring inside your home.

A Combination Approach

The reality often is that you need two or more of these excavation methods to successfully repair a sewer pipe.

In some cases the combination approach can be best simply because you can combine an existing system with new piping and a repair, allowing you to take the simplest route and connect the relevant pipes.

Although dealing with sewer pipe issues is never a pleasant task, the sooner you get it sorted the less damage you’ll do to the rest of your sewer pipe and even the environment.

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