Designing a Bedroom for a Special Needs Child

When designing a bedroom for a child with physical challenges you can implement many of the same design concepts as you would in any child’s bedroom. The adaptions you make should be accommodating and appealing to your child. When they are old enough, let them have some input in the décor plan.

Bedroom Design
If mobility is a concern, it’s best to limit the amount of furniture you put in the room. Beds with storage underneath them can be helpful. Using vertical space to add shelving or tall narrow bookcases can help with storage space. Corner shelving is great because it leaves the main portion of the room open for wheelchairs or adaptive equipment. It’s also important to include furniture that’s appropriate sizes and heights for your child.

Functional Design Features
It’s often difficult for a child with special needs to get the exercise they need. An indoor therapy swing is an ideal way for your child to exercise some of their muscles. Swinging can be a calming, relaxing and overall fun activity for all kids. In addition to an indoor therapy swing, an arm swing, a climbing ladder that attaches to an interior door and a hammock swing can also be beneficial for a special needs child.

Decorative Details
Depending on your child’s age, you can get input from them on paint color, wall art and decorative accessories. It’s important to include a variety of textures in a play area. Stuffed toys, pillows and carpet squares are good ways to include different textures for your child to enjoy. Your child’s bedroom décor should be as personalized as possible. Their bedroom is their personal domain. It should be a place they enjoy spending time in.

Having a play area is important in every child’s bedroom. Leaving as much open space as possible will make moving around the room easier for a child with mobility challenges. It’s also good to include furniture and storage options that allow your child to be as independent as possible.

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