Discover The Best Way To Make Your Couch Cushions More Comfortable

Your couch sees a lot of use. In the first instance, it is sat on a daily by multiple people. Every time it’s sat on the cushions are decompressed and, although they bounce back, it ultimately takes a toll on them. You’ll start to notice they feel thinner, have less bounce, and are generally starting to feel tired.

It’s not just old couches that can feel tired. You may be surprised at how often a new couch looks fantastic but isn’t that comfortable to sit on. Of course, once you realize that you’ve bought the couch and can’t easily return it.

Alongside this, the couch can often receive abuse that it wasn’t built to withstand. That includes children jumping over the back of it or performing rolls on it. This will also flatten the cushions.

You may be thinking it’s time to replace the couch. but, that’s not your only option.

Older Couches

If you have an old couch that has seen a lot of use it’s tempting to simply replace it. But, if it has financial or sentimental value you’ll want to save it if possible. Fortunately, you can. It’s simply time to speak to the experts in furniture restoration Sydney.

This option allows you to have the couch restored. It will include new cushioning in the seats and back as well as reupholstering the couch. In short, it won’t just be more comfortable, the couch will look like new again.

If you have an older couch this is often the best approach as a professional can restore the couch and improve comfort without damaging its value. 

New Couches

If your couch is a recent purchase and it’s already feeling uncomfortable then the easiest solution is to replace the cushion foam.

In many cases, cheaper couches will be made with cheaper materials. This means the foam doesn’t bounce back properly and the couch will quickly become uncomfortable.

The problem is that the seat cushions are made of a polyester fibre blend. The fibres will quickly separate. You can pump the cushions to make them look fuller but you’re unlikely to improve the comfort.

However, you can purchase higher-quality foam cores and replace your existing ones. It’s easier than you think to either order the cores or cut your own. You have the perfect template, the existing core.

Once you insert a new foam core into the seat and back you’ll find your couch is transformed.

It’s worth noting that some couches don’t give you access to the inner core. In this instance, you’ll need to carefully cut one side of the material to remove and replace the core. You can seal the opening with poppers or install a zip.

In extreme cases, you can simply purchase new cores and cover them in the material of your choosing. This will allow you to personalize the couch while still making it look new. You can then enjoy sitting in comfort again.

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