Is it Legal to Drill Your Own Well?

The world seems to be moving steadily closer to an environmental crisis. The simple truth is that governments aren’t doing enough to prevent climate change. Without drastic action, the planet will get warmer and extreme weather events will become worse. That means droughts will become more commonplace and people will need to find their own water.

One of the best solutions is to build your own well. You’ll simply need to make sure that it is deep enough to give you water even when the reservoirs start to run dry.

Of course, if you’re thinking about drilling your own well then you’ll want to know whether it’s legal and what you need to do.

The great thing about modern wells is that you don’t need to dig large holes. You can use rock augers which work like drills and move through the soil. Line the hole as you drill and you’ll quickly have a deep hole which will give you water all year around. Best of all, the hole is much smaller than a traditional well, making it much safer.

Do You Need Legal permission

There are a variety of rules regarding drilling your own well. The first thing you need to be aware of is that the well cannot interrupt a natural water flow under the ground. If it does, the water will no longer flow to reservoirs and could create a variety of issues in your local community.

That’s why, before you start drilling you’ll need to have a survey done to confirm the current water movements under your yard.

Of course, there are other issues to consider first. For example, most states will require you to obtain a permit. The application is simple and can usually be completed online. You may also need planning permission and you’ll need to know how deep you intend the well to be.

The good news is that applications are usually quickly approved, ensuring you can get started.

What You’ll Need

As mentioned, rock augers will be essential. You’ll also likely to need a dedicated drilling machine asthis will allow you to go deep into the earth. It helps to know what you are dealing with. It’s common to have soil over clay and soft rock. The problem only happens when you hit hard rock or clay. Then, you may need a more powerful drilling machine.

Don’t forget, you’ll need to line the hole as you drill. This will prevent the hole from collapsing as the drill gets deeper. You will also need to keep the water circulating through the drill as you drill the hole. This keeps it cool and prevents it from seizing, which will give you an array of issues.

Naturally, you’ll want a pump and you can’t assume the water is safe to use. It’s essential to test it first. You may wish to invest in a filtration plant to ensure the water is safe to drink. You can then connect the pump to your home via the filtration plant and enjoy fresh water throughout the year.

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