Get the Most Out of Your Pool Maintenance Service

Any investment should begin with a little knowledge, and pool maintenance is no exception. Maintaining a pool can be timely and expensive, so it’s important to know how to get the most out your service and avoid unnecessary bills. When looking for a new pool service, it’s prudent to understand what goes into pool care. You may want to find out how often your pool should be drained and refilled, as well as how to avoid algae buildup. Learn about the supplies you should keep on hand.

Be Proactive

Find out how often Missouri fiberglass shell pools need to be drained and refilled. This will vary depending on whether you own a chlorinated or saltwater pool. If the recommendation is to drain your pool every three to five years, you may want to consider draining it at three years. Some pool services will want to treat your pool with potentially hundreds of dollars of chemicals when the pH levels can no longer be maintained. In time, you’ll have to drain out the water to avoid another chemical clean. You can drain the pool on the early end and get ahead of costly treatments. Other ways to be proactive include consistent cleaning, pH testing, and checking for buildup on your pool walls. 

Have the Right Equipment

Your pool service will have everything they need to take care of your pool, but do you? Pool owners should keep a pool net on hand. Consistent pool cleaning will help to keep the pH at the correct levels. You should have a pH testing kit as well. Testing your pool water allows you to get ahead of any developing problems. Keep a supply of chlorine so you can add some on your own when necessary.

Finally, use your broom. A weekly poolside sweep does wonders for the upkeep of your pool. Brushing away leaves and dirt helps to avoid the collection of that debris in your pool.

With a little knowledge, you’ll be able to stretch your pool-upkeep dollars and get the most out of your service!

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