How to Choose the Best Chimney for Your Kitchen

Chimneys are essential kitchen devices that remove smoke and odors when cooking. Furthermore, they protect cabinets against damage from prolonged exposure to oily vapors that often come off of pans during frying operations.

GLEN offers this wall-mountable kitchen chimney with an impressive 1050 m3/h suction capacity, suitable for 2-4 burner stoves. Featuring touch control and auto clean technology as well as a baffle filter designed to trap smoke particles for effortless maintenance, this appliance ensures optimal performance in any kitchen environment.

Suction capacity

Kitchen chimney design is an essential feature of modern kitchens. It can help keep the space free of odour and reduce cooking times; thus making a strong suction capacity essential. When selecting a chimney design it is crucial that it has all these qualities.

An effective kitchen chimney should be simple to maintain. Regularly inspect the filter, following manufacturer recommendations. Also take a close look at brand and warranty.

Take into account the size and dimensions of your kitchen before selecting the ideal chimney size calculator for it. With such a tool at your fingertips, finding the ideal chimney for your home has never been simpler – plus reviews from homeowners who have already utilized such products will give an additional helping hand in making an informed decision!

Noise level

An annoying kitchen chimney can obstruct the cooking experience. Thankfully, noiseless chimneys are now on the market that utilize silent suction technology to eliminate smoke and odours without creating disturbances during their cooking sessions. They make perfect companions for home chefs as well as budding chefs looking for peaceful cooking sessions without distraction.

Elica chimney features a sophisticated curved glass design with smart motion sensor controls for simple use. Simply wave your hand over its sensors for quick and effective suction to remove smoke and oily fumes from your kitchen, plus its baffle filter keeps the scent of smoke out of your space. Operating noise levels are low while it consumes just 180 watts. Suitable for 2-4 burner stoves, it comes complete with LED lights as well as an oil collector tray – plus LED lights to illuminate its functionality at night!


Kitchen chimneys are an integral component of modular kitchen design, helping keep your home clean and hygienic while simultaneously adding aesthetic value. By eliminating smoke, odour, and hot gases from entering, as well as protecting tiles, walls, and cupboards from becoming dirty over time, chimneys play an integral part in maintaining overall hygiene in any household. With hindware chimneys or glen chimneys available on the market today – selecting one suitable to your individual needs is paramount.

The Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney features a stylish curved glass design and comes equipped with touch control and motion detection technology, along with baffle filters that reduce oil smudges while being easy to maintain. This powerful motor allows it to fit most kitchens while its auto-clean feature removes odor and grease with just one press of a button – and its LED lamp allows you to continue cooking even in low light environments!


Chimneys are kitchen appliances designed to filter smoke, odours, and harmful gases out of the air, creating an ideal cooking environment that is cleaner and safer for health. Furthermore, chimneys help improve kitchen hygiene by preventing oil build-up.

A good chimney should be user-friendly and feature convenient features that help make life easier. Consider selecting one with adjustable speeds so you can choose the ideal speed for your cooking needs; additionally, make sure it boasts powerful suction capacity as well as auto-clean functionality.

The Faber HOOD PRIMUS PLUS ENERGY is an ideal addition to modern kitchens. Featuring an attractive design and quiet operation, making it easy and distraction-free to use without disruptions or distractions. Incorporating multi-layered filter technology for maximum performance. Very durable as well.


Chimneys make an ideal addition to any kitchen space, as they’re durable, easy to maintain, and boast other features that enhance cooking experiences. Furthermore, there are various styles to fit any design aesthetic of kitchen space.

Faber’s Polo chimney features a baffle filter designed to effortlessly remove smoke and odour while providing powerful suction power. Its thermal auto-clean feature uses heat to remove grease buildup in its filters for easier maintenance, while touch operation, motion detection, and smart LED lights make operation a breeze. Suitable for medium-sized Indian kitchens.

The V-Guard A20 chimney features a polished aluminium body and curved glass canopy, offering a minimalist, modern aesthetic to complement any Indian kitchen design. In addition, its powerful suction capacity, auto-clean technology, and noiseless operation make this appliance highly desirable.

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