How to Control Weeds and Algae in a Lake or Pond?

Out-of-control aquatic weeds and algae growth make your pond or lake look unkempt and unhealthy. It can contribute to deeper problems with water quality and clarity. Getting unwanted growth under control is essential to establishing a healthy and well-balanced aquatic environment. Begin the process of getting this under control as soon as you notice a problem.

Identify Unknown Weeds

Your first step in combatting a weed problem in and around your aquatic environment is to identify the type of weeds you’re dealing with. Each type might require a different solution for effective results. Take your time or consult with experts if you are unsure.

Get the Water Moving

Water that stays in motion is far less likely to develop ugly algae problems. The constant stirring of the waters allows the algae the opportunity to stay on the move and not stick and grow. It will help keep the temperature of the water even.

Add Fountains and Aerators

You know that you’re completely creating water mixing by placing fountains and aerators in the lake or pond. It also serves to add oxygen to the water, making it a healthier environment for aquatic life under the surface of the water.

Use a Harmless Algaecide or Herbacide

Algaecides and herbicides can be added that will target the problematic growths and be harmless to other plants and fish. It’s an easy and effective way to stop the lake or pond from becoming completely overtaken by invasive weeds.

Hire a Professional Lake Management Service

Professional lake management services will provide expert assessment, planning, and management techniques that prove most helpful in eliminating the problems you’re experiencing. It’s a great way to keep every aspect of your lake or pond healthy.

Aquatic weed control by kinder and gentler natural methods is possible with the right identification and application of removal methods. Your pond or lake can always look its best by using the solid expertise of lake management professionals.

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