3 Basic Security Measures for Your Commercial Property

Keeping your business safe from theft, vandalism and other trespassing is important, especially if you are starting out. You might not have all the resources to keep your establishment strong, so even a minor crime can affect it significantly. As you establish the security, ensure you include these valuable elements to significantly reduce potential crimes. 

1. Fences and Gates

The most effective resource you can use to prevent unauthorized entry is a fence. It blocks basic entry, which ranges from wild animals to basic thieves. Modern fences are made from metals that are nonconductive and lightweight, which keep your employees safe, while also being resilient against natural damage and vandalism. A gate also grants you control over who enters your facility. Decorative fences and gates have different shapes and colors that seamlessly fit with your building’s aesthetic. 

2. Cameras 

You and your staff cannot always watch every corner of the building at every hour. Security cameras ensure you will capture every moment in any part you desire. Live camera feeds help you see if anyone is breaking in, if there is suspicious activity inside or if there are any security weaknesses to fix. Reviewing recorded past footage can help staff learn more about any incident that occurred before. An additional advantage of cameras is that their presence can discourage possible trespassers. 

3. Crime-Proof Landscaping

Not every security upgrade involves new installations. If your property grounds have grass, trees and other vegetation, you can landscape them in precise ways that increase security. Avoid keeping trees too close to the building, as they can block security’s vision and allow anyone to climb and break in. Trim bushes and trees to give intruders less areas where they can hide and move easily. An unkempt landscape also gives the false impression you also neglect your security, which encourages criminals. 

Protect your growing business against anyone who could harm it. These security measures ensure your building and equipment remain secure. 

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