Getting the Most From Your Tiny Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home. It’s a place for piecing together a comforting meal or chatting over the counter. A lot goes into it. If your space is small, this could be troublesome, leaving you to figure out how to store belongings into tight quarters. Don’t feel cramped and closed in. Take a second to evaluate your kitchen’s room and implement the following three suggestions.

1. Prioritize Your Main Functions

Get roomier by minimizing and organizing. To do that, you have to know what’s important and what is clutter. What is the main thing you need from this spot? Sit down and list out what you do the most. Are you sipping constantly throughout the day? Do you host dinners often? Are you really a simple meal maker? Make a note of which items you use frequently and how easy it is to get to them.

Then, consider what you don’t use often. Are you keeping china in cabinets that you only touch once a year? Objects that are not consistently pulled out could be boxed and placed elsewhere, giving you a bit of wiggle room.

2. Open Up Storage

Cabinets are traditional in the kitchen, but they close off an area, reducing light. Discuss switching out these units with open shelves. Professional St Louis home remodeling contractors would know the depth required and could make this a feasible step.

3. Use the Walls and Ceiling

Alternate storage works for items like knives and pots, making them accessible for cooking needs. Use magnetic strips to keep knives up high and within reach. Pots make an interesting bit of decor when hung above the island on a rack.

The walls don’t have to feel like they’re pressing in. Obtain a light, airy feel by reviewing your current belongings and determining how to place them for usefulness.

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