Slippery When Wet – How to Make Your Pavement Safe with Stamped Concrete

Safety is important most especially if you have children. Of course, you cannot keep them from running around and playing in your backyard. Besides, your backyard is there to give them that cool fresh air. But what are the hazards if you have a patio? One of the main reasons for accidents at home is slippery flooring most especially after a morning drizzle. Avoid that with stamped concrete Orlando.

Why is my outdoor or patio flooring slippery?

If you had your outdoor floor polished, in some cases, it could get slippery. A poor concrete floor job can even get you uneven floors which can trap water and create small puddles. Slippery floors are common most especially if you have plain floors. The danger for plain flooring is it does not give you the right amount of friction between the ground and your feet. If you are in a hurry, you might slip and fall.

You never know that your outdoor flooring is slippery until the rainy season. Water that stays on your flooring can make it more slippery. Of course, you do not want any accident most especially at your home. Make sure that you have a safe patio flooring to walk on!

How can textured flooring help?

Textures are not there just to give you an elegant look. It is not solely or aesthetics! Textures help increase friction and reduce smoothness and avoid people to slip and fall over. There are many ways to put textures on your home, and this includes installing stamped or decorative concrete.

Here are some of the ways to keep your floors safe for you and your children:

1. Mats – Put some extra protection using non-slip mats especially near swimming pools, ponds, and fountains. Small splashes of water can make the floor slippery.

2. Coatings – there are anti-slip floor coatings and solutions that you can get to make your outdoor flooring safe from slips. Make sure to apply it appropriately and evenly.

3. Clean it – algae and moss can get your outdoor floors increasingly dangerous and frequent to accidents. Make sure to use a pressurized water hose to clean your floors and keep those growing micro plants out.

Why Opt for Stamped Concrete

Choosing stamped concrete is like hitting two birds with one stone. For one, it can get you a very decent-looking floor. Secondly, it helps avoid accidents by putting more texture on your floors. Say goodbye to slippery and boring concrete floors and tiles with an overlay or stamped concrete. Many homeowners who have remodeled and renovated their homes opted for stamped concrete because of its advantages. More so, it is not expensive compared to other options such as bricks and natural stones, and slates which can get you ten times the budget of having stamped concrete. Ask the stamped concrete Orlando experts and learn from them. If you have a tight budget, stamped concrete or overlay may be the right concrete solution for you as it does not come with a price and there are hundreds of designs and styles which you can choose from.  

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