3 Key Things to Think About When Winterizing Your Home

A little bit of cold weather can cause big problems, so make certain your home is ready when that first big freeze or storm hits. To properly prepare your house for winter, remember these three core concepts: heat, water, and air.

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When cold weather attacks counteract by heating things up. The main heat source for many homes is the furnace, so be sure to schedule furnace repair services Sterling VA early on before the first big cold snap. A properly cleaned and efficiently working furnace ensures your home is warm and cozy and also saves you money. If your home has a fireplace that is another heat source that should be cleaned and inspected before the warm weather disappears.


Plumbing also causes concern during cold weather. Frozen water expands and causes pipes to loosen, crack, and leak leading to expensive damage. Iced pipelines also leave you without water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Try these solutions to protect your pipes and keep your water flowing all winter long. First, disconnect all hoses and turn off and cap over every outdoor faucet. Second, shut off your water if you leave the house for an extended period. Third, keep pipes warm by covering them or using heating cables. During especially cold times, let faucets constantly drip and leave cabinet doors open along outside walls. 


Keep warm air in and cold air out by properly insulating your home from winter weather. Make sure all garages, attics, basements, and crawlspaces contain sufficient amounts of quality insulation. Switch any ceiling fans to clockwise rotation to circulate warm air throughout the house. Keep cold drafts at bay by sealing windows, doors, and masonry outside and using weather stripping, draft snakes, and window films inside. Use curtains for drafty windows too, but keep them open during the day to let as much sunlight in as possible. Finally, replace any screen doors with solid storm doors. 

Remain warm and cozy this winter with these tips and tricks that keep the cold, snow, and ice outside where it belongs.

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