What To Do After a Hail Storm?

Has a hail storm just hit your area? While it can be incredibly cool to watch the giant balls of ice fall from the sky, it’s never fun to experience the damage they may cause. If you aren’t sure what to do after being affected by hail damage, use this handy article to get some tips.

Check on Your Roof and Car

The first thing you need to do after any hail storm is to carefully assess what types of damage you may have incurred. Walk around your property with a focused eye to look for any dents, dings, or holes that may not have been there before. The most common places impacted by hail are the roof and cars, so check those places first. 

Call Your Insurance Company

Very often, little to no hail damage will be incurred by a hail storm, but if the storm is powerful enough, you may need to do some repairs. If this is the case, you should call your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company may cover different issues, so it’s important that you reach out to see what they can do for you. You may need to hire a company to put on a new roof St Louis MO, which will be much more affordable with the help of insurance! 

Hire Professionals

After you’ve determined the scope of the work that needs to be done, you can move on to actually hiring someone to help. Make sure that whoever you hire is approved by your insurance company and that they can address your concerns in an affordable manner. Keep an eye out for potential insurance scammers, though! There are plenty of people out there who will trick you into thinking they can do your repairs for cheap, but really just steal your money.

If you’ve been hit by a hail storm, check your property for damage, call the insurance company, and hire professionals to do any work that is necessary. 

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