How to Update The Facade of Your Home: 5 Simple Ways

A home’s facade is people’s first impression of the house. When it’s unique, it gives people something surprising and new to look at. It also expresses the personality of the owners. However, sometimes the facade might be outdated, which will take the aesthetic appeal out of the house. Therefore, updating the facade will give your home a newer look.

Other times, you might want something new after staring at the same façade for years, which calls for an update. To look into more options for a facade design, contact professional facade engineers for proper analysis and cost estimates.

1.    Update Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are a significant part of the façade of a house. A simple change or addition to your windows and doors can improve the overall look of your house exterior. However, be sympathetic to the overall facade when choosing any new design. You can replace the glass panel of your home to change how that part of your exterior looks. There are different types of glass panels, which you may consider, and these include;

  • Float glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Insulated glass
  • Tempered glass

2.    External Cladding

Sometimes what it takes to give a house a completely new look is a little addition here and there. Since you cannot uproot the wall of your home, you cannot change that. What you can change is the look of the wall, and you can do this by covering the surface of the wall with something new, like aluminum, stone, brick slips, timber, e.t.c. You can choose a material that resonates with the overall look of your home and improves its aesthetic appeal.

3.    Landscaping and Hardscaping

Working on your home’s landscape is a great way to update the façade of your house. Adding new features, which modify and beautify your home, goes a long way toward improving the house’s look. When it comes to landscaping, you can do anything, and your only limitation is the extent of your imagination.

Landscaping varies from location to location, so you can contact a local landscaper to make a design for you. Landscaping usually includes the addition of trees, shrubs, and flowers. It also provides hardscaping like pavement, mini waterfalls, fountains, lightning, e.t.c. Everything in a landscape is chosen strategically to add to the beauty of the house, and it raises its value in real estate.

4.    Add New Paint

A significant factor in the look of a house is the ‘look.’ The colors and architectural design mainly dominate the ‘look.’ When the paint of your façade walls starts fading or peeling, that is a significant indication that it needs an update. There are three types of façade paints, and they are;

Each of this paint comes in various colors, and you can always pick your choice.

5.    Add An Extension

Adding an extension to the exterior of your home is a great way to make improvements to the façade of your home. A fence here, a swimming pool there, and a walkway can make a world of difference in how your façade looks. You can also add a second story to the house itself, and when next you return from work, you will barely recognize your home.

Updating your house façade requires your active participation and the help of a façade engineer. The types of updates you can go for include repainting, landscaping, external cladding, changing the windows and doors, and adding new extensions. Any of these options will have your home facade looking different and more beautiful.

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