Is a Whole-House Filtration worth it?

Deciding to add a water filtration system to your home is a good idea. While the water board filter the mains water to move debris, they also add chemicals. These will kill pathogens in the water but research suggests they may be detrimental to your health. The same is true of fluoride which is added to strengthen teeth and bones.

Alongside this, the water can pick up additional contaminants when travelling between the treatment centre and your home. In short, a filtration system should be considered essential by homeowners.

However, this leads to further debates. There are different types of filtration systems on the market, including reverse osmosis filters and activated carbon. Alongside deciding the right filter, you’ll need to consider whether a whole house filtration system is worth it or if it’s better to go with a under sink one.

The Difference

An under sink filter is fitted to a single supply line and ensures that all the water coming from a specific faucet is filtered. This means you have to remember to use that faucet when getting drinking or cooking water.

In contrast, a whole house filtration system is fitted to the man supply line, after the water meter but before any water is used. That means that all the water in your home goes through the filtration system.

Is It Worth it?

The most obvious issue is cost. A whole house filtration system is more complicated and costly to install when compared to your standard under sink version. Part of this is the larger filters needed, the other part is that many whole house systems use multiple filters to ensure all possible contaminants are removed.

This is a major benefit of the whole house system. Instead of choosing one type of filtration, you can use several, ensuring your water is as safe as possible. It’s much more difficult to add multiple filters to a single faucet as there is limited space on the pipework.

The other thing that is worth considering is skin allergies and other health complications. Chlorine is known to irritate the respiratory system and can aggravate existing allergic conditions, particularly those that are related to the respiratory system or skin, such as asthma.

If you or a family member suffers from this then it’s advisable to use a whole house system as this will eliminate all contaminants from your shower water.

It can also protect your family from sediment. This happens in all water systems, sediment is a result of corrosion inside water tanks and pipes as well as contaminants in the water. The sediment can retain dangerous chemicals and allow them through to your tap. Whole house filtration systems prevent sediment from getting through, making you safer.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t suffer from allergies or other health issues then an under sink water filter system may suffice. But, if you do suffer, then adding a system that filters the water across all of your house is a much better option, even if it costs more initially.

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