Is it worth installing blinds? What are their cons and pros?

Pleated blinds have replaced classic blinds and roller blinds, becoming more fashionable. Such a sun visor is really comfortable, having a material that can be attached to two rails or free-hanging. Is it worth installing blinds? What are their cons and pros?

How to choose window blinds?

A growing trend in minimalistic decor has influenced the popularity of pleated blinds ( The fabric that can be moved around the entire window, gives you the opportunity of covering the specific part of glass you need at any given time, still allowing the sunlight to enter the room.

Such window blinds can be mounted in two ways, which means you don’t have to interfere with the window frame:

  • to the glazing bead by screwing holders to the window frame,
  • by use of clamps.

The pros of pleated blinds

What are the pros of pleated blinds? First of all, the dimensions are really small, so if you want to open the window, you can still do it without damaging the wall. In addition, they won’t affect your window warranty, as they can be mounted on special handles. However, this means the pleated blinds must be mounted to the frame, instead of the glazing space. Make sure you can still open the window.

Such window blinds offer a high degree of shading, and there is a choice of special materials giving thermal insulation. The coatings reflect the sun’s rays, so they prevent the room temperature from increasing. If you choose plisse that is resistant to moisture, it can also be used in bathrooms. It’s even possible to achieve 100% darkness of the room.

The biggest difference when you compare blinds vs. shades is that they can be moved to any place on the window frame – it can either cover the lower or upper part of the glass. It gives you the possibility of covering from the sun’s rays, without the necessity of covering the entire window.

The cons of pleated blinds

Using pleated blinds has drawbacks too. If you don’t invest into the humidity resistant material, a pleated blind mounted close to the glass will absorb water from the glass and deteriorate quickly.

You also have to remember not to leave the blind in the extended position for too long or else the pleating of the material may be reduced and damaged. Partially extended roller blinds, on the other hand, are meant for dust to settle, and when used in the kitchen, it may be dust and grease settling down while cooking or frying.

It’s not so easy to clean these window blinds, as they are partially glued, and the contact with water may stretch the plisse, and remove the impregnations.

Use pleat – living room decor

To make your house look modern and minimalistic, use a pleat – living room decor that will give you so much fun and satisfaction. Compared to heavy curtains, it’s a nice alternative, and blinds definitely win the blinds vs. shades battle.

Blinds will also look nice in your bedroom, and with the proper material selection can provide you with 100% darkness. Which parent wouldn’t also appreciate longer sleeping hours, when the blackout pleated blinds are mounted in their children’s rooms.

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