Most Popular Ways To Use Mulch

Americans love improving their yards, and one of the most popular products is mulch. Mulch is a versatile product available in a variety of woods with colors ranging from black and brown to tan and red. If you’re looking to improve your property, here are some of the most popular ways to use mulch.

In Your Gardens

Perhaps the most common use for mulch is to create attractive flower beds. Mulch neatens the appearance of landscaping by covering weeds and giving flowers a blank canvas. Mulch also retains moisture, eliminating the need to water as often and saving expensive plants from drying out.

As a Base for New Trees

If you’ve planted new trees, adding mulch at the bases is a must. Mulch holds onto moisture that young trees need, and it also prevents erosion, improves the soil and protects from weeds. If you’re doing widescale mulching, get help from a professional such as Northern Georgia mulch services.

Around Focal Points

Another favorite place to use mulch is around focal points in your yard. For example, use mulch and landscaping stones to ring your mailbox, lamppost, flagpole, bench or birdbath. This is where mulch really shines as a decorative feature in your yard, and best of all, you can change the color every year.

As a Pathway

If you have a yard that gets muddy, building a pathway is a great idea. One of the most budget-friendly ways to create a path is by using mulch. First, mark off your walkway with edging and insert the stepping stones of your choice. Then, surround them with mulch, and you’ve got an attractive backyard pathway.

Mulch is one of the best landscaping tools on the market. By adding it to your gardens, trees and other focal points, mulch will improve the look of your entire property.

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