Most Effective Way To Clean A Leather Sofa

Leather sofas tend to be more expensive than the cloth alternative. But, there is a good reason for this. Leather is very durable, generally easier to keep clean, and looks far superior in most homes. However, the key to durability and looks is to make sure the leather sofa is well looked after and cleaned regularly.

Part of this means getting a professional leather sofa cleaning firm in at least once a year. They will provide a deep clean service that helps to keep your sofa looking like new. It will complement your regular cleaning schedule perfectly.


The best approach to leather cleaning is to brush the seats every day. You’ll need to use a soft brush to avoid scratching the leather surface. This is one of the most effective ways to remove crumbs and other debris. You can sweep them on the floor and vacuum them up later.


Once you’ve finished brushing it’s time to use the vacuum. You’ll need the soft brush attachment. This will remove the crumbs and other debris that is trapped inside the crevices of the sofa. The more debris you remove the less likely it is that it will be ground into the sofa when washing or sitting on it.

Soap & Water

With all the debris gone, you’ll want to give your sofa a quick wash. This helps to remove the film that sticks to most pieces of furniture.

Simply fill a bowl with warm water and a little mild dish soap. You can then dip a clean cloth into the water and wring the cloth out. It needs to be damp, not wet. Should you use a wet cloth on your leather sofa you are likely to leave a water stain.

The damp cloth can be run over the sofa. You don’t need to scrub, just wipe it slowly across the entire surface. If you have any doubts, do it on a small test area first.

After you’ve done the entire sofa repeat this process. But, this time you’ll want to use plain water.

It’s best to let your leather sofa air dry, it will look great.

Dealing With Spills

It’s inevitable that something will get spilt on your leather sofa. If this happens you’ll want to react quickly and decisively.

The best thing to do is grab some kitchen towel and place it over the spill.  Dab gently and replace the paper as soon as it is saturated. You’ll be able to absorb the majority of the spill before it can penetrate the leather.

Any spill remaining can be absorbed by using a clean cloth dipped in a solution of one part vinegar mixed with two parts water.

Make sure you do this on a test area first. Providing there are no issues you can place the damp cloth on the area, it will absorb the spill without you needing to scrub the sofa.

Again, you’ll have to rinse it off with a damp cloth.

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