Sprinkler Repair Services Tips

Supposing you have a lawn that you have planted nice grass and plant, you know the importance of a sprinkler system. It is important to ensure that your lawn and plants are looking fresh all the time. However, this exterior system can be subjected to outdoor life stresses such as water pressure, burrowing animals, temperature changes, and tree roots. Their valves might crush or break at times.

When your sprinklers break down, it is relatively inexpensive to have them repaired instead of pulling out the entire system, which may be become expensive. Here are tips from Colorado Sprinkler Service that you can use for repairing your sprinkler to keep it in good working order.

Replace a sprinkler valve

Supposing you are using your sprinklers, and you noticed that their heads are not popping up or are not turning on or sprinkling water without pressure. Then there is a problem with their valves. A sprinkler valve act as a traffic controller. They open up and close when needed to send water to various lawn areas. When the valves are affected, everything down the line will be affected, and they will need replacement.

Winterize your sprinkler system

You will not have to use your sprinkler system during the wet months or when your regions will be cooler. It is best that you have them shut them down during that period. To winterize your sprinkler system, remove the time from it, store it safely, drain the entire water from the system to avoid damages caused by freezing temperatures, and blow out the water that has remained in the ports of the system.

Find out any break in your sprinkler lines

One of the challenges you will face with sprinklers problem is allocating where there is a break in the in-ground line. Any available break will force you to pinpoint the exact place with a break so that you may fix it. This exercise will need you to be very observant so that you may spot any circumstantial clues. Some of the clues that may help include; spotting some pull water that is not available next to the sprinkler head, noticing an area where the glass in your lawn is damp and not soaked. You can spot this during the day when the water has evaporated by feeling the grass with your palm around the suspected area. Also, the sign of taller and greener grass in specific areas than others may indicate a problem in the system.

Fix a leaking black poly pipe

When a leak in the sprinkler is discovered in the in-ground area, you will have to dig up the pipe to unearth it using a spade or shovel carefully around the suspected area. Most lines are always shallow in the ground. After finding the broken are, cut the broken part section, go and purchase the perfect fitting replacement pipe and repair materials that you will need to reconnect the cut part.

Replace the solenoid in the faulty valve

After checking your valve, and you are sure it is not turning on due to water supply problems, then the fault may be due to solenoid. The solenoids are available in almost all home centers, and it takes not more than 5minutes to replace them.

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