Transform your home with these five amazing interior design tricks!

No matter if it is your first home or your fifth one, great designs always make an impact on oneself as well as on others. There are certain things that one can do to transform one’s humble abode into a work of art at an affordable price and also in no time. Many a time, we see small things making the greatest impact. It can be painting your walls a certain shade or arrangement of a mirror or painting in a certain way or something else like adding warmth to your living room. Below mentioned are some interior designing knick knacks which will inspire you and help you in transforming your home into a beautiful artwork.


  • Painting rooms with light and soft colors to help make the room feel larger –

The best example of maximizing a small living space is the living room. As they are a little smaller in space, they have a tendency to look a little cramped. But with the light colored walls, large windows, and mirrors, it can be given an illusion of making space feel larger than it actually is. Contrary to this, the use of dark colors will make a room feel smaller even if there is an abundance of light in the room and large windows, it will have a boxed feeling to it.

  • Using decorative mirrors to make a small space feel larger –

Decorative mirrors placed directly across from the windows add instant light to the living space. They can also be used as art to fill up the empty walls. Be it small or large, mirrors add both dimension and light to one’s living space.


  • Mixing it up –

There is nothing wrong with the idea of mixing and matching up patterns, textures, old and modern looks etc. A home reflects the personality, vogue of the person who lives in it. So, one can place one’s modern couch next to one’s family heirloom. There is no reason that they cannot coexist together.


  • Opt for something comfortable –

Although they are quite wonderful, slipcovers have attained a nasty reputation. They can serve as a means of adjusting the look of your furniture to replicate the look of different seasons. They also offer a sophisticated look adding to the advantage that one does not need to worry about people spilling and dirtying one’s furniture. They are also a wonderful choice for rooms which are extensively used by children. All in all, slipcovers over couches give a sophisticated, classy yet and comfortable and casual vibe to one’s home.


  • Use of wicker baskets –

Wicker baskets are a great addition to one’s kitchen. They can be used for storage of things and they add texture and a stylish look to one kitchen decor. Apart from storage of things, wicker baskets can also be used for utilizing wasted space and as a work of art. One can also place a couple of wicker baskets on top of counters in kitchens for the store and beautifully display vegetables and fruits.


By using all these tips, one can change the look of one’s home and make it much more amazing. All these ways are pretty easy to do and involve only a few bucks and less time.

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