How to restore concrete floors

Throughout the last five years, more and more contractors and manufacturers are entering the surface preparation industry. Restoration of old concrete floors is one of the main services that a surface preparation contractor provides. By hiring a reputable Concrete Grinding and Polishing professional, the restoration of concrete floors can be done for a lot less money, than one would expect.


Normally, these floors are covered with another surface like tile, paint or epoxy and carpet. The contractors can grind, dye, seal, and polish one of these products on the floor. The options are endless but one needs to find a reliable contractor, whom one can trust. If the material and the old adhesive are not removed properly, the end result is not going to be ideal. There are steps which are followed to restore the concrete floors.


Concrete grinding is the most simple and the most efficient method for restoring and leveling a   concrete floor. The grinder removes the coating and also creates a perfect base for the new floor concrete. The newest grinding equipment used by concrete restoration companies apply enough pressure to cut the diamond cups or stones under that machine and do a very good job of leveling the floor.

A typical grinding machine has about dozen stones that turn in a synchronized motion to pulverize the top 1/16” to ⅛” of a concrete exposing a softer wub-strata underneath. After the skin of the floor is taken off, the leveling and grinding process is continued with a small set of grinding stones. To make sure that each part of the floor is grounded evenly, the work with the machine is done in a straight line, in a defined area.


All floors need overlapping with the machine and some also need changing direction with the machine to get leveled floors. Also, all floors need edging in the doorways and up against the wall to grind and level the floor properly. This does create a lot of dust, but most high quality grinding equipment has high-efficiency vacuums attached to them that suck the dust right in. The amount of polishing needed is determined by the customer. With proper grinding and polishing, a concrete floor attains an amazing look.


After the grinding and polishing process is completed, a penetrating sealer is applied to it. This penetrates the soft substrata of one’s floor. Once it is dry, the floor is ready for high-speed burnishing. It will create enough heat on the floor and bring out the maximum luster of the floor. Synthetic plastics are then applied on the top surface of the floor to make the floor slick. Once the floor is properly ground and polished, the surface will be very smooth.


To minimize the chances of damage and to maintain the look of the concrete floors, it is advised to clean up as soon as possible after something has been spilled, which can damage the finish. With proper maintenance and care, it can last properly up to 5 years.

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