What Everyone Should Know About Roof Cleaning

The roof is likely one of the more neglected pieces of your home unless you have a leak. However, cleaning the roof as part of your home maintenance can be a first line of defense against leaks in the home. Replacing a roof is an expensive part of homeownership, but regular maintenance can increase the longevity of the material. Here is everything you should know about roof cleaning.

Affordable Service

While you can choose to clean your roof yourself, a company specializing in roof cleaning Ponte Vedra Beach FLcan do it for you at an affordable cost. Working on the roof can be dangerous especially if you don’t know what you are doing. A company uses the right cleaning products and techniques to ensure the job is done right.

Cleaning Methods

Companies often use either chemicals to clean the roof or pressure wash it. Not all chemicals are great for every roof type. Chemicals may also harm the lawn or foundation from the runoff. However, some chemicals are ideal for specific roofs without the other problems as long as you know what ones to use. Shingles may come off during pressure washing, but the cleaning method works very well for concrete and metal roofs. The pressurized water removes grime, dirt, algae and mold.

Roof Algae

From the ground, you likely cannot see whether or not algae are growing on the roof. While the plant is known to live in the surrounding lakes and rivers, it can grow on your roof living off the limestone filler holding your shingles on. The deterioration of the filler can lead to leaks, lower energy efficiency and eventual roof replacement.

Roof Cleaning

Annually cleaning your roof can help keep algae growth under control and eliminate mold. Hiring a professional ensures the roof is cleaned without damaging the roof or the landscape. The affordable maintenance can add years to your roof’s life, saving you thousands in repairs.

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