Reducing The Cost Of A Heavy Digger

If you are want to learn more about ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger, keep on reading.

Heavy diggers are useful and versatile machines with many uses: digging, earth moving, landscaping, demolition, grading, and excavating. It is fair to say that the various kinds of excavators and backhoes are some of the most common types of heavy diggers. They are worth their weight in gold in any construction site. And quite literally. The equipment can be quite pricey, and that leads most contractors choosing to hire instead of purchasing them. Even after hiring, however, using a heavy digger brings operational costs that are still too high. Here are some ways to reduce the impact of a heavy digger:

1. Compare Multiple Hire Companies

The simplest way to save on hiring costs is by searching competitive prices in several heavy digger hire companies. Even though many firms have the same heavy digger models, their rental rates can and do vary. Due to competition, some can be more affordable than others. You should take your time and compare a companies before making a final decision. As you choose, also keep the following in mind to make sure you get the lowest rates.

Get hiring services that offer flexible packages.

Choose companies with different equipment types. If you need an bulldozer and excavator, getting them from the same company tends to cost less than committing to two different ones.

Make sure your package includes equipment attachments. Having attachments such as buckets, augers, grading blades, and grapples will save you time and money looking for them after you hire. You will bear extra costs by hiring them separately.

Once you compare your companies against these criteria, call for quotes and choose the one that meets all your needs for the best price.

2. Get A Serviced Digger

Imagine starting a day operating a heavy digger which breaks down during the day. You are then forced to stop and repair it, which means added costs of hundreds of Euros above the hire price. Hire a serviced digger and avoid the extra headache. Before handing the equipment, the hire company should service, repair, and inspect the digger. You should be present during the inspections and ensure that the parts work correctly.

Pay extra attention to the undercarriage, hydraulic system, attachment system, controls, and electrical system. Also ensure that all fluids have been changed. After the equipment is repaired and serviced, you will avoid having to pay for repairs that aren’t your fault.

3. Hire An Experienced Operator

An operator may look like an unnecessary additional expense, but it saves you in the long run. Some hire companies offer you the option an operator along the renting equipment at an extra cost, for example, £200. This is an advantageous package because it reduces the cost of hire in the long run.

An experienced operator gets the work done faster, especially if you lack experience operating a digger. These operators also save you unnecessary downtime by eliminating mistakes resulting from incompetence. If hiring a company operator and they damage the equipment, the liability for the damages falls on the hire company.

Closing Thoughts

Plant hire kent is an important service in any earth-moving and construction jobs. Keep these tips in mind as you hire a heavy digger. Call us at FGS Plant today for any equipment hire needs. We suit every contractor’s requirements by offering flexible packages. You can get a free quote on request and you will see that our prices are competitive. Call us now and let us take care of all your digger hire needs.

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