What to Consider When Choosing Above Ground Pool

Are you longing to spend lazy and blissful summer afternoons in a pool? An above-ground pool could just be the thing for you.

Not only are these pools less expensive than in-ground pools, but they are also easier to install. Buying an above-ground pool is not just a family luxury. It opens the door to relaxing summer days, fun, and memories to last for a lifetime. However, buying an above-ground pool is not something you wake and do. You’ll need to consider a few factors to make your pool experience worthwhile.

Consider these factors when choosing an above-ground pool.

Type of pool

First thing first, you have to determine the type of pool you want. There are several options to choose from, ranging from inflatable pools, traditional above ground pools, and semi buries/fully buried above-ground pools. Inflatable pools are great for people with kids because they aren’t too deep, and the sides are soft, resulting in fewer scraped knees. They are also easy to set up. However, they are not a permanent option.

Traditional above-ground pools are a permanent solution. Their pricing varies, and you will need to get a quote from a supplier.

Finally, semi-buried/fully buried underground pools give your pool a similar appearance to an in-ground pool minus the costly construction involved in build pools. However, not all above-ground pools are meant to be installed in the ground. Hence, research on the types that can withstand being in the ground.

Your backyard

How much space do you have for an above-ground pool?

You don’t want the pool to occupy your entire backyard. Consider if there is anything permanent that could hinder its installation. That will help you choose the size of the underground pool to get. Also, consider where you would want to put the pool. In this regard, it would be best to choose a location that is visible from the house.

Your budget

While above-ground pools are fairly affordable, there are many types, and their costs vary. Therefore, you will need to choose a style and price that fits your budget. Often, above-ground pools are low-priced at the beginning of winter. This is when demand is low and the best time to shop around. You will also want to consider the extras that usually accompany underground pools. A small splash pool won’t need many extras, while larger ones will need a pump and filtration system. Therefore, consider these factors when budgeting. Also, your pool will require regular maintenance. So, consider these running costs when choosing your pool.

Size and shape

When choosing your pool, size and shape should be an important consideration to make. Round pools fit into smaller yards and best for limited spaces. Oval pools are another option. While these pools may look bigger, they hold less water than round pools.

How do you intend to use the pool?

The size and shape of the pool you buy should depend on the user and how you intend to use it. A wide and rectangular pool is best for swimming while a round one is best for fun and lounging. If the main users are children, the pool must be adapted to their height.

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