Easy Ways to Personalize A New Construction Home

Purchasing a new construction home can be an excellent deal. You have the opportunity to live in a pristine house in an up-and-coming neighborhood. And, if you opt for the builder-basic grade without loading the home down with options and add-on, a lower purchase price can help you get more house for the money. Plus, there are always many new construction homes on the market. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 1.29 million new homes were built in 2019, including 888,200 single-family homes. But there are also downsides to a new construction home. Typically, freshly-built houses lack personality and character. And, a limited number of floor plans means your house may look exactly like your neighbor’s, and their neighbor’s. For many, the trick to falling in love with a new construction home is personalizing the house after move in. Whether you do them all at once while you are still unpacking, or bit by bit over time, these tricks can be the keys to adding personality to your new construction home.

Paint your front door

For helping your home stand out on a street of similar homes, painting your front door is an easy way to add curb appeal. According to Better Homes & Gardens, painting a door is an easy and long-lasting way to improve the appearance of a patio or porch, if you choose exterior latex paint.

Design a custom kitchen

From making a quick cup of coffee to packing lunches or cooking holiday meals, you likely spend a large amount of time in your kitchen. But, the kitchen in a new construction home can be pretty lackluster, with basic appliances, standard materials, and poor workflow. Rather than looking at your kitchen as a finished product, look at the room as an empty box waiting for your personal touch. Sites such as https://kbdcolorado.com/ can inspire you to design a kitchen that suits your personal style. With custom cabinetry, upgraded countertops and a fresh workflow, your kitchen will end up looking and feeling new and improved. Even better, since the kitchen contains more built-in details than any other room in the house, personalizing it can make the rest of your house look like it got an upgrade as well.

Upgrade light fixtures

In many new construction homes, light fixtures seem like an afterthought. However, coordinating light fixtures to the color and style of the décor can be an easy and effective way to add a unique touch to your home. While lighting can be costly, it doesn’t need to be done all at once. And, relatively inexpensive fixtures can often be found at home improvement stores.  According to House Beautiful, with the proper instructions, do-it-yourselfers can install new fixtures without hiring an electrician. While you are at it, consider replacing standard bulbs with LED versions. The lighting will likely look more flattering and will help cut energy usage.

Paint the walls

Painting is the ultimate DIY project and Is an excellent way to add personal style to a new construction house. In general, freshly built homes feature a shade of white or beige throughout the house. Personalizing each room with custom colors suited to the décor will make the greatest impact. However, selecting a non-white neutral, such as a soft gray or a light tan, will add a sophisticated feel that establishes the home as your own.

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