3 Things You Can Do To Get Rid of Pests in Your Home

Bugs can easily get into any home. No one enjoys spending the day swatting flies or stomping on roaches. While they are good for your garden, the nasty buggers are unwelcome in your house. While paying an exterminator is one way to get rid of them, there are a few things you can do to minimize the number of insects in your home. The following tips can help get rid of your pest problems. 

1. Deter Houseflies With Hygenic Garbage Practices

Storing your garbage cans inside your garage is encouraging flies to enter your house. To prevent inviting these pests into your home, choose a can that has a secure lid and be sure to rinse it regularly. You can also add a little borax when you place a bag into your can. This lets flies know that they are not welcome. 

2. Reduce Silverfish by Making Plumbing Repairs

While silverfish don’t bother you, they can do serious damage to your documents, books, and upholstery. These little creatures enter your home to find water and often indicate a plumbing issue. To get rid of them, check your piping and make any necessary repairs. Also, add some vents to your laundry room and bathrooms to reduce the amount of moisture in these locations and deter silverfish. 

3. Get Rid of Ants for Good With Gel Bait

While industrial sprays are a successful method of pest control, they are often excessive for ants. Plus, the sprays tend to do short-term damage and don’t hurt nests and eggs. A good alternative to this is to use a gel bait that you can put in cracks or traps. Ants will carry the gel to their homes and feast on it. This means that a little bit of gel is a great way to get rid of ants for good. 

Now you know some of the things you can do to get rid of pests. Some of these involve altering your behavior, while others are much simpler. Be sure to implement them all if you want to be completely bug-free. 

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