Top Tips To Modernize An Old Garage

The majority of Australian houses outside of cities have garages or carports. Yet, despite almost every home having one, in most cases, they are not used. The simple truth is that most garages are used as storage areas. That’s a waste of space and a great reason to look at a garage renovation project and convert the space into something more useful.

Plan It

The first step in modernizing your old garage is to decide what you are going to use it for. It can be an extra bedroom, a gym, or even a mancave. There are hundreds of potential uses, simply choose the one that suits your needs best.

Then, draw a plan of the garage, illustrating what will be put into it and where things will be located. It’s likely that you’ll want to change the door and potentially even add a window.

Check Permissions

You’ll need to check with your state regarding whether a permit is needed for a change of use. If one is required, make sure you apply and get it before you start doing any work in your garage.

Consider Utilities

With your plan in place, you’ll need to consider what utilities are present and what needs to be added. Depending on the use you may not need to add anything. But, you may need to bring in a new electric supply or even connect it to your water supply.

That means you’ll need to identify the closest supply point and work out how to get the electricity and water, including drainage, to the garage.

Change The Door

If you have permission then you can change the garage door. Most people opt to partially brick it and add a standard door and windows. This make sit look less like a garage and more like part of your home.  The door you choose is a personal decision.

Walls & Floor

If you’re modernizing a garage you’ll want to use drywall on your existing walls. You can dot and dab or create a framework for it to connect to. It will transform the inside of the garage, making it easier to add shelving or other details.

While you’re looking at the walls don’t forget to upgrade the floor. Most garages have a concrete floor. You can add an epoxy coating or, if it’s an actual room, put some laminate or other type of flooring down.

It’s then possible to paint the new walls and the garage will start to look fresh and modern, even if it is still a garage.

Your chosen use of this space will affect your preferred flooring.

Upgrade The Lights

Again, this depends on what the space is being used for. The best approach is to upgrade the existing lighting and add in some lights dedicated to lighting workspaces. This works whether you’re keeping a car in the garage and working on it or have turned the area into a hobby room, gym, or even a bedroom.

Don’t forget, while you can do a lot of this work yourself, you should also know when to get professional help. It can really speed up the project.

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