4 Essential Concepts When Undertaking Healthcare Clinic Interior Design

Designing the interior of a healthcare clinic is a big responsibility. If you get it wrong it can actually discourage people from visiting, leaving them to go elsewhere. Or, it can make them uneasy, making it harder to provide effective treatment.

That’s why the best approach is to speak to the specialists in medical fit-outs, they will guide you through everything from interior décor to the best layout for your desks, waiting rooms, and consulting spaces.

In short, they will make your life easier. Of course, it helps to understand what they are talking about. That’s why you need to know the following 4 essential concepts when undertaking healthcare clinic interior design.

  1. Pastel Colours

Plain white walls are reminiscent of mental health establishments and can be unnerving for many patients. Equally, if you opt for bright bold colours you’re likely to find that patients feel a little on edge. Bright colours tend to provoke strong responses and, in this environment, that can be a bad thing.

Instead, choose pastels which are calming but still add colour to the interior.

Alongside this, add some interesting pictures, such as photos of the site in the past, beautiful sunsets, etc. You want the pictures to be either calming or distracting

  • Decide The Layout

People arriving at healthcare clinics are often stressed. They don’t want to be late and are likely to be concerned about a medical issue. The last thing they need is to feel lost. You need clear signage with the reception desk obvious to arrivals. At the same time, it must be laid out to promote privacy and then gently guide the patient toward the waiting room.

Equally, the waiting room should be easy to reach and allow easy access to the various medical staff.

It’s best to keep the waiting area simple. Focus on having enough comfortable chairs and several distractions, such as the television and magazines or toys for children.

  • Plenty Of Light

The more light there is in the clinic the bigger it will feel and the more relaxed patients will be while they wait. Ideally, you’ll have lots of windows letting light into this area. If this isn’t possible use plenty of mirrors to bounce light around the room.

It will make a remarkable difference to how people feel.

It can also help to add a few plants to the space. They look nice and help to keep the air clean.

  • Don’t Forget The Staff

Your staff will spend long days dealing with anxious patients. It’s important that they feel safe, comfortable, and have a place to unwind on breaks. Make sure you plan for this and that it is easy for the staff to get to.

It will help them enjoy their jobs which improves productivity and the ambience of the clinic. That’s definitely positive as patients will appreciate the atmosphere and come back when they need to. As an extra tip, it can help to cordon off spaces with easy-to-move furniture. This allows you to change the use of the space when necessary.

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